Reggae Principles 2021 Press Release

Reggae Principles 2021 – Press Release

Reggae Principles 2021 Press Release by Mr Topple For

It looks like the world is beginning to emerge out the other side of the coronavirus pandemic. Societies are tentatively opening up again. Hope is becoming clearer on the horizon. But this doesn’t mean that we should go back to the way things were before. Society is on a dangerous cliff edge. We need to re-evaluate how we live with each other and the rest of the natural world around us. And that needs to be done for the interests of all of us – not just the wealthiest few.

As a species, we need to look at the principles that guide us. Not only must we do this through the prism of our own daily lives, but as communities and as a global society, too. Humans currently exist in a bubble of self-interest, where the desires and whims of a few dictate the lives of the many. This noxious mantra has been amplified by the pandemic. Now, we need to collectively shape a new set of principles that will guide us through the next stage of ours, and the planet we share with others, evolution.

With that in mind, DJ Pauze is humbled and proud to have compiled the latest edition of the Unique Reggae Mix Show around the notion of “Reggae Principles”: music that exemplifies the guiding essences of Roots and its proponents. These are tracks which strip away the noise of the system, and take the listener to a place of philosophising on some of the most fundamental questions we face as a species. But the tracks will also spark debate about how we exist under the system, and what the alternative should be, too.

As always, the show is divided up into four separate parts. And listen carefully, because DJ Pauze’s insightful mixing not only seamlessly links one artist to another, but also provides a rousing narrative throughout.

Part One opens with 2019’s World-A-Reggae Riddim; a fitting opening given the theme of the show – with searing tracks from Lutan Fyah and Runkus among others. British Reggae pioneer YT’s latest track, Pressure Buss, from his forthcoming record with Oneness also features. The legendary Cedric Myton delivers two tracks, before DJ Pauze seamlessly weaves in several other riddims, including Sweep It Out and 2019’s groundbreaking Lioness Order. Overall, Part One is a glorious musical representation of the guiding principles of individual spirituality and humanity.

In Part Two, DJ Pauze follows this theme through further – focusing on the values we all should live by. He’s cleverly laid-out several riddims to represent this. Opening is a selection of tracks from the Zion I Kings-produced Zion Ites Dub (Volume 4) released in January. The Fred Locks/Sabolious EP No To Racism is a compelling listen, with UK-based Totally Dubwise and Ras Demo’s One Love Remix complimenting this perfectly. Again, the depth of DJ Pauze’s thought is showcased as he follows on from these with the All Tribes Are Welcome Riddim: a pertinent and timely rallying cry for unity. Part Two closes with two tracks from Prince Allah – 2019’s Stand Firm and its Dub.

There’s a distinct change of tone on Part Three, with DJ Pauze delving deep into the battles we face with the system. 2007’s Oneness Riddim opens, before we’re brought up-to-date with the fascinating and unsettling 2020 Conspiracy Riddim, from Air Afrique Records and Napem Records. Then, Noaidi Records’ 2019 Weary Man Riddim juxtaposes well with this – followed by two solid tracks from the incomparable Luciano. The Lambsbread/Mykal Rose collab Nah Stop Chant encapsulates DJ Pauze’s theme of fighting the system perfectly, and Part Three concludes with two tracks from CRF Production’s This Poem Concludes Riddim, offering a haunting finish to the selection.

Finally, and Part Four takes us to a more reflective and hopeful place, not least with its opening track: Micah Shemaiah, Lion Heart. Kalibeat Productions’ January offering, the Blessings Riddim, offers smooth and reflective vibes from artists including Rueben Mystic and Valerie Vybz. More fresh music follows, this time Gaffa Blue’s Jah Children Riddim – where artists including Earl 16 hone in on more of the principles DJ Pauze has made central to the show. The late Vaughn Benjamin (Akae Beka) features three times, not least across this year’s Earthman Riddim from The Merchant Records – his interpretation being the aptly named Principles; possibly DJ Pauze’s inspiration for this show? And it’s Benjamin who concludes show #415, with the humbling and moving Righteous Synergy, the title track from Fifth Son Records and Akae Beka’s latest album.

As always, a link to the show is here Reggae Principles 2021 and many of the tracks are available to buy on vinyl in the Pauzeradio shop.

With the warmest wishes and hope for the coming months,

The Pauzeradio Team

Stay principled. Stay true to yourself. Stay blessed. Stay Pauzed.

Reggae Principles 2021 Press Release by Mr Topple (9th March 2021)

Reggae Principles 2021 Press Release
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