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  • Courtney John Yes We Are 7 vinyl
  • Courtney John Ecosystem 12 vinyl lp
  • Eva Lazarus More Fyah 12 vinyl LP
  • Carl Meeks Stop The Violence 12 vinyl
  • King Kong Some People Say 12 vinyl
  • Horace Andy - Money 12 vinyl
  • Carl Meeks - Fire 7 vinyl
  • Cornell Cambell Greedy Ways 10 vinyl
  • Bob Skeng Writings From The Wall 10 vinyl
  • Brother Culture Competition 7 vinyl
  • Daphne Bluebird Stranger 7 vinyl
  • Brother Culture Sound Killer 7 vinyl
  • MC Trooper To The World 7 vinyl
  • Vin Gordon Music Tree 7 vinyl
  • Josie Wales Roll Like Lion 7 vinyl
  • Kenny Knots Unbreakable 7 vinyl
  • Dark Angel People Come To 7 vinyl
  • Ras Zacharri No Bad Mind 7 vinyl
  • Alborosie Meets Wailers - Unbreakable 12 vinyl lp
  • Stalawa In East Africa 12 vinyl RSD19 Special
  • Pad Anthony Lead The Way
  • Johnny Clarke Rain Keeps Falling 7 vinyl
  • Earl Sixteen Roots Taking Over 7 vinyl
  • Parly B Galang 7 vinyl
  • Stalawa ft Marina P Dont Panic 7 vinyl
  • Stalawa ft Lloyd D Stiff Rough Winer 7 vinyl
  • Blackout JA Freedom Come 7 vinyl
  • Blackout JA Get A Lick 7 vinyl
  • Tradesman ft Speng Bond Fight Fi Come In 7 vinyl

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Artist Profiles
Kumar Bent Biography

Kumar Bent

Kumar Bent. Former Lead Singer Songwriter of Raging Fyah Born and raised in Saint Elizabeth Parish, Jamaica, Kumar grew up as many others, singing in the Church. Only after attending Edna Manley College in Kingston, and under the tutelage of Mr. Ibo Cooper of famous Third World did he find his true calling; to become the Lead Singer & Songwriter of Grammy Nominated “Raging Fyah”. As a talented singer, songwriter and music producer, it is

Indie Allen Biography

Indie Allen

Indie Allen emerged as a soulful crooner from St James in 2011, but Indie Allen is introducing himself to a more diverse audience with his upcoming mixtape ​IndieMeName​. The 12-track mixtape set is scheduled for release on February 23, and will cater to the ears and hearts of what Allen describes as the ‘grassroots people’. “I wanted to do a project that would connect to people who gravitate to certain topics and styles, and also

Album Reviews
Eva Lazarus More Fyah 12 vinyl LP

Eva Lazarus – More Fyah – Review

Eva Lazarus More Fyah Review Being asked to review any album is a minefield waiting to be detonated. Some will agree, some won’t, while some will wait to dissect your spleen with rusty utensils, armed with full membership to the Tone Deaf Society of their choice. It’s nice to get the occasional present. On reading the YouTube reviews of this album, I decided to listen a fourth and fifth time, just to see what I

YT No Wata Down Ting 12 vinyl lp

YT – No Wata Down Ting – Review

YT No Wata Down Ting Review. From its opening track, ‘God Bless Pickney’, which reminds of reggae classic, ‘I’m Gonna Send Him To Outta Space’, to its closing ‘At Dem’, this superbly constructed album screams a defiant message of ‘VARIETY’ at those seeking out a truly eclectic sound. This isn’t one of those patched together albums with only two, three, or even four sounds of note, but a serious competitor for one of the best

Reggae News
Akae Beka Mek A Menshun Press Release

Akae Beka – Mek A Menshun – Press Release

Akae Beka Mek A Menshun Press Release – Zion High Productions 2019 Akae Beka and Zion I Kings continue their ongoing collaboration with Mek A Menshun. Noted lyricist and vocalist Vaughn Benjamin delivers some of his finest compositions to date in a career now spanning twenty years. Anchored in the celebrated sound of the Zion I Kings (ZIK) players, these timeless songs amply reward the listener who can penetrate into the mystical musical realms of

Akae Beka First Ever UK Performance Event

Akae Beka First Ever UK Performance – Event

Akae Beka First Ever UK Performance – Event   Cecil Reuben Promotions & Upful Entertainment Presents Akae Beka (The Voice of Midnite – Vaughn Benjamin) Live in the UK with full band. #1 Roots band out of St Croix US Virgin Islands Midnite / Akae beka is no ordinary reggae band they are a movement phenomenon. True testimony of transmitting a higher frequency. A night of real Iritical mystical roots experience to behold. Date: 27th

About Pauze Radio

Greetings! Gav Pauze, aka DJ Pauze, and staff welcome you to Pauze Radio, home of the Unique Reggae Mix Show. We play positive, uplifting, new and classic reggae music from the UK, Jamaica, the US, Europe and worldwide.

Listeners/Artists/Producers: please feel free to link up. Get in touch with us here: contact us.

On this site you can find all the reggae radio shows, including the reggae playlist for each show, featured in the archive on They go as far back as show 150.

If you want to look at the reggae playlist for each show, take advantage of the Free Reggae Downloads and view Reggae artists biographies or pictures, just click on the menu bar above to navigate around this streaming reggae radio station archive.

More Reggae DJ Mixes are added regularly, and lots more content is coming soon.

The History of Pauze Radio

Since 2006, every week the airwaves have been blessed to hear the Unique Reggae Mix Show. We bring you a smooth selection of all the latest and best in Reggae Roots and Culture, and Lovers Rock! DJ Pauze is at the controls. He has a ‘more music, less talking’ policy, as the show glides smoothly from mix to mix. This allows the listener to enjoy brand new and classic, positive music.

In the time the show has been running, DJ Pauze has archived them all – since the first ever one. With the archive growing bigger every week, he would like to share it with you, the listener. So, Reggae radio station exists for this purpose. The site is still under construction. You can listen to all the latest shows here, but for the reggae playlists please view the archive.

DJ Pauze uploads a brand-new Unique Reggae Mix Show regularly for everyone to listen to. So, if you enjoy positive, uplifting music be sure to pass by and check it out, download the mp3s of the show in the online store and why not tell a friend too? After all, unity is the key.

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