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Ray Isaacs Biography

Ray Isaacs

Family lineage has been central to the Reggae movement for decades. From the Marleys to the Morgans via the Kartels, artistry often runs through families. And now, another legendary name in the business sees the next generation making waves. That family is the Isaacs. And the up-and-coming artist is Ray. The nephew of the colossus Gregory, Ray Isaacs is no stranger to music. Having started singing at the tender age of 9, musicality was all

Naptali Biography


The definition of ‘rebirth’ is “a period of new life, growth, or activity; a revival”. And when an artist whose career already spans over two decades is beginning a new chapter, then that noun is often appropriate. None more so than in the case of Naptali. Raised in Clarendon Parish, Jamaica, Naptali took the Hebraic biblical name after working with the legendary Luciano; someone he cites as being pivotal in his own humble beginnings as

Album Reviews
Sizzla Million Times Review

Sizzla – Million Times – Review

World Exclusive – Sizzla: Million Times Album Review by Mr Topple for It’s a privilege for Pauzeradio to be able to present to you the world exclusive breakdown of Sizzla’s forthcoming new album. Not officially released until 2 October, it looks set to be huge. And judging by the quality of the project – rightly so. Sizzla Million Times, released via Zabogaubhi Music and Kalonji Music Productions, sees Sizzla and producer Michael Fairman construct

Arkaingelle Nah Watah Down Review

Arkaingelle – Nah Watah Down – Review

Arkaingelle: Nah Watah Down Album Review by Mr Topple for Arkaingelle has returned with another new album (officially released on Friday 18 September). And with one of the world’s most exciting production outfits at the helm, it does not disappoint – being an instant triumph of epic proportions. Arkaingelle Nah Watah Down, released via Zion High Productions, sees the legendary Zion I Kings take the production helm. The album sweeps across 14 tracks and

Single Reviews
Chapboss KFC Review

Chapboss – KFC – Review

Chapboss: KFC Single Review by Mr Topple for It’s always good to share an upbeat, light-hearted piece of music from time-to-time. With this in mind, enter Chapboss with his latest AfroDancehall cut. Chapboss KFC, released via Three Lake Music, sees Chapboss take you on a nicely carefree musical journey, with his use of a certain chicken shop brand as the hook. The production from Three Lake Music is extremely good: smooth, detailed and with

Kardi Tivali London Bridge Review

Kardi Tivali – London Bridge – Review

Kardi Tivali: London Bridge Single Review by Mr Topple for Kardi Tivali was recently back with another new track. Here, he stops off at AfroDancehall – but cleverly uses the genre to deliver a searing political and social message. Kardi Tivali London Bridge, released via Maddanize, sees Tivali continue on his journey into AfroDancehall territory. Somewhat less brooding than his previous tracks like Move The Bar and Struggling (with William Vybz), it’s no less

Reggae News
Chapboss KFC Press Release

Chapboss And Three Lake Music – KFC – Press Release

Chapboss and Three Lake Music just delivered an end-of-summer party anthem. Press Release. Dancehall artist Chapboss and up-and-coming Austrian production/label outfit Three Lake Music have just released what is the perfect end-of-summer anthem. Already clocking up tens of thousands of streams online, this AfroDancehall banger is hot, fiery and ‘finger-licking good’, too. KFC sees Chapboss and Three Lake Music construct a fresh, bang up-to-date party cut. It’s the perfect example of the Afrobeats sound merging

Uplifting Roots Reggae Mix Press Release

Uplifting Roots Reggae Mix – Press Release

Uplifting Roots Reggae Mix – Press Release by Mr Topple for Society and the world are unsettling places at present. With the impact of the coronavirus pandemic still reverberating across the planet, classism and racism on the rise and political and social leaders either bereft of ideas or wilfully ignorant – who do we turn to for emotional, philosophical and spiritual succour? Family, friends and communities should be high up the list. But music

Julian Marley Mother Nature Interview

Julian Marley Interview

EXCLUSIVE: Julian Marley Interview on his latest track, the ‘fight’ to get Reggae heard and living through the world’s current chaos. Julian Marley is back, not that he ever went anywhere. One of the busiest artists in the game has recently released a fresh track and video, which has a living legend on board and the world around us as its inspiration. But aside from that – how does he feel about the increased awareness

Jah Mason Interview

Short Biography: My name is Andrae Corey Johnson performing as Jah Mason aka Fyah Mason aka Farmer Man.
 I was born in Green Prospect, Manchester, Jamaica. Vegetarian place (farming district planting vegetables), I used to go to church with my mother until I came to realise my own faith which is Rastafari’s faith. Gav Pauze: When did you first start singing? Jah Mason: I started singing from a young age. As I mentioned, I grew up

About Pauze Radio

Greetings! Gav Pauze, aka DJ Pauze, and staff welcome you to Pauze Radio, Reggae Vinyl Shop and home of the Unique Reggae Mix Show. We play positive, uplifting, new and classic reggae music from the UK, Jamaica, the US, Europe and worldwide.

Listeners/Artists/Producers: please feel free to link up. Get in touch with us here: contact us.

On this site you can find all the reggae radio shows, including the reggae playlist for each show, featured in the archive on They go as far back as show 150.

If you want to look at the reggae playlist for each show, take advantage of the Free Reggae Downloads and view Reggae artists biographies or pictures, just click on the menu bar above to navigate around this streaming reggae radio station archive.

More Reggae DJ Mixes are added regularly, and lots more content is coming soon.

Pauze Radio also features some of the best reggae records online available. Take a look at our store where you will find a range of Reggae Vinyl from Dub through to roots and everything in-between.

The History of Pauze Radio

Since 2006, every week the airwaves have been blessed to hear the Unique Reggae Mix Show. We bring you a smooth selection of all the latest and best in Reggae Roots and Culture, and Lovers Rock! DJ Pauze is at the controls. He has a ‘more music, less talking’ policy, as the show glides smoothly from mix to mix. This allows the listener to enjoy brand new and classic, positive music.

In the time the show has been running, DJ Pauze has archived them all – since the first ever one. With the archive growing bigger every week, he would like to share it with you, the listener. So, Reggae radio station exists for this purpose. The site is still under construction. You can listen to all the latest shows here, but for the reggae playlists please view the archive.

DJ Pauze uploads a brand-new Unique Reggae Mix Show regularly for everyone to listen to. So, if you enjoy positive, uplifting music be sure to pass by and check it out, download the mp3s of the show in the online store and why not tell a friend too? After all, unity is the key.

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