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Ray Isaacs Biography

Ray Isaacs

Family lineage has been central to the Reggae movement for decades. From the Marleys to the Morgans via the Kartels, artistry often runs through families. And now, another legendary name in the business sees the next generation making waves. That family is the Isaacs. And the up-and-coming artist is Ray. The nephew of the colossus Gregory, Ray Isaacs is no stranger to music. Having started singing at the tender age of 9, musicality was all

Naptali Biography


The definition of ‘rebirth’ is “a period of new life, growth, or activity; a revival”. And when an artist whose career already spans over two decades is beginning a new chapter, then that noun is often appropriate. None more so than in the case of Naptali. Raised in Clarendon Parish, Jamaica, Naptali took the Hebraic biblical name after working with the legendary Luciano; someone he cites as being pivotal in his own humble beginnings as

Album Reviews
Aaron Nigel Smith And 1 World Chorus Live In LA Review

Aaron Nigel Smith And 1 World Chorus – Live In LA – Review

Aaron Nigel Smith and 1 World Chorus: Live in LA Album Review by Mr Topple for Aaron Nigel Smith is an artist with a career spanning 20 years. So, deciding which songs to perform live as part of a new album couldn’t have been easy. But given his talent and that of his fellow musicians, he could have sung the alphabet and it still would have been superb. Arron Nigel Smith And 1 World

Arky Starch Dub Faith EP Review

Arky Starch – Dub Faith EP – Review

Arky Starch: Dub Faith EP Review by Mr Topple for Belgium-based artist Arky Starch’s personal journey has been underscored by both joy and tragedy. So, the release of his debut EP represents a milestone in this artist’s life. And it’s a wonderful dive into conscious Dub with a heavy dose of genre-smashing to boot. Arky Starch Dub Faith is a wholly self-constructed and self-released project from Starch. He’s clearly a talented producer, as the

Single Reviews
Fabio Battista Get Enough Review

Fabio Battista – Get Enough – Review

Fabio Battista: Get Enough Single Review by Mr Topple for Former lead singer of Furasoul Fabio Battista has returned with a fresh cut; a track that uses one of the most exciting riddim projects of 2020. It is, of course, fyah. Fabio Battista Get Enough, released via Groove Attack, uses DJ Densen and .MLND’s Lockdown Riddim; part of the former and Riddim Mag’s Lockdown Riddim Challenge which was launched amid the coronavirus pandemic. Both

Tarrus Riley Remember Me Review

Tarrus Riley – Remember Me – Review

Tarrus Riley: Remember Me Single Review by Mr Topple for The oh-so-Royal Tarrus Riley is back. After 2019’s storming EP, B.L.E.M. he’s once again returned with another fresh track in preparation for his new album, dropping at the end of August. And, of course, we should expect nothing less than gorgeous perfection. Tarrus Riley Remember Me, released via Jukeboxx Productions and Zojak World Wide, sees Riley team up with Shane Brown and Dean Fraser

Reggae News
Arky Starch Biography

Arky Starch Releases Long Awaited Debut EP Dub Faith – Press Release

Press Release: Belgium artist Arky Starch releases his long-awaited new EP, “Dub Faith” After a journey filled with both joy and tragedy, Belgium-based artist Arky Starch has realised his vision: a debut EP. The project is a sum of his life’s parts, and showcases this up-and-coming artist’s exciting talent perfectly. Dub Faith, a self-released project, sees Arky Starch hone the considerable experience he has accumulated across several decades. Completely self-produced by Arky and mastered in

Renegade Reggae Press Release

Renegade Reggae – Press Release

Renegade Reggae: Press Release by Mr Topple for The word “renegade” comes from medieval Latin, meaning to renounce one’s faith. It was historically used as a term to describe Christians who converted to Islam. Over time, the negative connotations have remained, with renegade meaning a treacherous person who has switched allegiances. But much like “anarchy”, this definition isn’t strictly accurate. A renegade is someone who moves away from convention and mainstream norms; defies the

About Pauze Radio

Greetings! Gav Pauze, aka DJ Pauze, and staff welcome you to Pauze Radio, Reggae Vinyl Shop and home of the Unique Reggae Mix Show. We play positive, uplifting, new and classic reggae music from the UK, Jamaica, the US, Europe and worldwide.

Listeners/Artists/Producers: please feel free to link up. Get in touch with us here: contact us.

On this site you can find all the reggae radio shows, including the reggae playlist for each show, featured in the archive on They go as far back as show 150.

If you want to look at the reggae playlist for each show, take advantage of the Free Reggae Downloads and view Reggae artists biographies or pictures, just click on the menu bar above to navigate around this streaming reggae radio station archive.

More Reggae DJ Mixes are added regularly, and lots more content is coming soon.

Pauze Radio also features some of the best reggae records online available. Take a look at our store where you will find a range of Reggae Vinyl from Dub through to roots and everything in-between.

The History of Pauze Radio

Since 2006, every week the airwaves have been blessed to hear the Unique Reggae Mix Show. We bring you a smooth selection of all the latest and best in Reggae Roots and Culture, and Lovers Rock! DJ Pauze is at the controls. He has a ‘more music, less talking’ policy, as the show glides smoothly from mix to mix. This allows the listener to enjoy brand new and classic, positive music.

In the time the show has been running, DJ Pauze has archived them all – since the first ever one. With the archive growing bigger every week, he would like to share it with you, the listener. So, Reggae radio station exists for this purpose. The site is still under construction. You can listen to all the latest shows here, but for the reggae playlists please view the archive.

DJ Pauze uploads a brand-new Unique Reggae Mix Show regularly for everyone to listen to. So, if you enjoy positive, uplifting music be sure to pass by and check it out, download the mp3s of the show in the online store and why not tell a friend too? After all, unity is the key.

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