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Reggae Music and Rastafari way of life, the driving force to the liberation of the minds of the masses. For some it might be hard to separate them, for they are two sides of the very same coin. For Mosiah Reggae music is a tool to spread a worldwide message of righteousness, love and unity. Akeil ‘Mosiah’ Martin, born in Trinidad 1986, the son of a Rastafari father, growing up within the musical vibe and

Prince Alla Biography

Prince Alla

A true roots pioneer, a true roots fundamentalist, Prince Alla is easily said to be one of many who helped pave the way and lay a foundation for Roots Reggae to be felt across the globe. Born May 10th, 1950 as Keith Blake hailing from St. Elizabeth, Jamaica and growing up in Greenwich Town, Kingston. He started his musical journey first with a group called “The Leaders” featuring Milton Henry and Roy “Soft” Palmer. It

Album Reviews
Jah Hammed Champion Sound Review

Jah Hammed – Champion Sound – Review

Jah Hammed Champion Sound Review. The brand new release of Jah Hammed Champion Sound, released on the 1st September 2019 features a variety of songs and a couple of really tight collaborations, with each song having the Total Satisfaction Records defined touch on production. Leading the charge on ‘Champion Sound’, the title track starts out the album perfectly, a smooth and sweet riddim that could almost pass with some nice lovers rock lyrics. When Jah

Ras Teo Meets Lone Ark Ten Thousand Lions

Ras Teo Meets Lone Ark – Ten Thousand Lions – Review

Ras Teo Meets Lone Ark – Ten Thousand Lions – Review I’ve been waiting all summer! With its final days swathed in glorious sunshine here in the UK, this is the sound I’ve been waiting for. Sincere thanks go out to Ras Teo Hartoonian. While many will be aware of this artiste via tracks such as Entah, Jah Jah Come and the excellent, Togetherness, this was THE album to restore and compound my faith in

Reggae News
Chezidek The Ligerians Timeless Press Release

Chezidek & The Ligerians – Timeless – Press Release

Chezidek & The Ligerians Timeless Official Release March 2020 | CD, LP & Digital. Early June 2019, at the Deux Pièces Cuisine auditorium in the Paris suburb of Le Blanc Mesnil. As part of his European tour, Chezidek is performing on stage, accompanied for the first time by the Ligerians, a band from Tours, a city of the Loire Valley region. The Jamaican singer and the french band have joined together for a one-off concert

Solo Banton Old Raggamuffin press release

Solo Banton – Old Raggamuffin – Press Release

Solo Banton Old Raggamuffin Press Release Time in music really flies, especially when it comes to artists and album launches. I actually find it incredible that Solo Banton’s last album was as far back as 7 years ago, as it seems like only a couple of months ago Higher Levels was released and the music from that album still sounds fresh and energetic, just like this new release ‘Old Raggamuffin’. For those of you who

About Pauze Radio

Greetings! Gav Pauze, aka DJ Pauze, and staff welcome you to Pauze Radio, Reggae Vinyl Shop and home of the Unique Reggae Mix Show. We play positive, uplifting, new and classic reggae music from the UK, Jamaica, the US, Europe and worldwide.

Listeners/Artists/Producers: please feel free to link up. Get in touch with us here: contact us.

On this site you can find all the reggae radio shows, including the reggae playlist for each show, featured in the archive on They go as far back as show 150.

If you want to look at the reggae playlist for each show, take advantage of the Free Reggae Downloads and view Reggae artists biographies or pictures, just click on the menu bar above to navigate around this streaming reggae radio station archive.

More Reggae DJ Mixes are added regularly, and lots more content is coming soon.

Pauze Radio also features some of the best reggae records online available. Take a look at our store where you will find a range of Reggae Vinyl from Dub through to roots and everything in-between.

The History of Pauze Radio

Since 2006, every week the airwaves have been blessed to hear the Unique Reggae Mix Show. We bring you a smooth selection of all the latest and best in Reggae Roots and Culture, and Lovers Rock! DJ Pauze is at the controls. He has a ‘more music, less talking’ policy, as the show glides smoothly from mix to mix. This allows the listener to enjoy brand new and classic, positive music.

In the time the show has been running, DJ Pauze has archived them all – since the first ever one. With the archive growing bigger every week, he would like to share it with you, the listener. So, Reggae radio station exists for this purpose. The site is still under construction. You can listen to all the latest shows here, but for the reggae playlists please view the archive.

DJ Pauze uploads a brand-new Unique Reggae Mix Show regularly for everyone to listen to. So, if you enjoy positive, uplifting music be sure to pass by and check it out, download the mp3s of the show in the online store and why not tell a friend too? After all, unity is the key.

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