JahBradez Rock With Me Press Release

JahBradez – Rock With Me – Press Release

Press Release: JahBradez takes inspiration from a rainy Jamaican night for his latest cut.

Jamaican artist JahBradez has a musical pedigree stretching back to the 2000’s. And it shows in his latest release – as he takes inspiration from his homeland’s climate and immerses it in sumptuous Reggae vibes.

Rock with Me sees this talented musician/songwriter team up with Peter Samaru of Kongz Production across a brooding and elegant track that weaves around some traditional Reggae sounds – but also incorporates some more modern and eclectic elements, too:

JahBradez, having trained at the prestigious Edna Manley College, co-founded the widely successful band Pentateuch in 2007. Since then, he has branched out as a solo artist and has played and toured with big names such as Koffee, Jo Mersa Marley, Mighty Diamonds, Duane Stephenson, Lila Ike, EarthKry, and Clatta Bumboo.

Rock with Me shows the depths of the honing of his craft over the years:

“JahBradez and Samaru have woven something magical in Rock with Me. It takes the sensibilities of a Reggae track, fuses them with the smoothness and sensuality of an RnB track, and throws in some forthright Soul for good measure.

“The end result is a cut that is slick, eclectic, and infinitely listenable” – Mr Topple, Pauzeradio

What JahBradez and Samaru have done so cleverly is take each influential genre and signpost to them at different times.

For example, the keys play a multiple role – on the chorus running the Reggae bubble rhythm, while on the verses winding back to strung-out RnB chords and meandering riffs.

However, the bass has been cleverly arranged to keep a similar drop-beat riff throughout – which works with both styles. And the rasping electric guitar solo at the end is perfect old skool Soul – finishing off Rock with Me perfectly.

JahBradez said of the track:

“Rock with Me was written on one of those rainy nights in Vineyard Town, in Kingston Jamaica. The lyrics and melodies came so easily, I was shocked, but very grateful and welcoming of it.

“So, I just went with the flow of the inspiration, just like the rain. It expresses my feelings for a woman who I know feels the same as I, with hopes she will give our connection a chance”.

The ‘flow’ of JahBradez voice across the track is perfection, as well. He effortlessly works around his upper tenor range, moving from lower to higher ends, employing good use of phrasing and dynamics, and also paying keen attention to detail with in terms of enunciation.

What he does really well, though, is to play into the genres present; delivering a smooth RnB vocal throughout but with a pleasing, singjay-inspired bridge towards the end.

JahBradez said of his music:

“This is not a new journey for me, but instead, a new path forward. I am forever thankful for where I am today, enjoying a steady organic pace forward, giving me the ability to share my seasoned ingredients of soulful, positive, uplifting energy, hoping to inspire people and increase consciousness through my music”.

Overall, Rock with Me is a gorgeous and pleasing cut. It is accessible, expressive, and masterfully arranged – showcasing not only JahBradez musical and vocal talents but also his writing skills. Perfect for late-night summer radio – or bedroom mixes.

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JahBradez Rock With Me Press Release by Mr Topple / Pauzeradio PR Services.

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