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Clatta Bumboo Biography

Clatta Bumboo

Artist Biography: Clatta Bumboo.

With a voice that effortlessly transcends Roots Reggae and Soul, music that brings in Soul and Rock, and lyrical poeticism that stirs the mind and soul – ‘unique’ is a word perhaps best reserved for Clatta Bumboo; an artist whose craft has gone from strength-to-strength in recent years.

This talented individual has been a firm fixture on the Roots Reggae landscape for over four years. After the release of his breakthrough EP, We Are Chosen (2019), Clatta followed this with Future Water (2020), and Catalysis: Miles Deep in the Attic (2021). Now, he has finally released his debut full-length project – but the road to this point hasn’t always been clear.

Clatta’s artistic and cultural experience has been shaped from a young age. Having grown up in the hamlet of Moreland Hill in Westmoreland, Jamaica, there were some community Sound Systems that influenced a young Clatta. However, things changed at the age of around 14, when he started as a warm-up for DJ Jonathan on the Extra Flex Movement Sound System.

Then, Clatta began attending the St Elizabeth Technical High School in Santa Cruz. The daily commute gave him the chance to visit record stores in larger towns – including the legendary Vincent “Randy” Chin’s “Randy’s Records” in Kingston. Extra Flex Movement charged him with collecting the vinyl for the Sound System, and Clatta developed an excellent ear for the culture through this:

He then got his first professional break of sorts, as an Entertainment Coordinator at the Sandals resort, Negril – of course, DJing as part of this. However, his love of Roots Reggae was never to far away.

Clatta says of his early influences:

“I am a student of Reggae – any Reggae sound I listen to has an influence. Some more than others: Peter Tosh, Burning Spear, Bob Marley, Prince Fari, Soul Syndicate, Steven Marley, Ragin Fyah, and Morgan Heritage just to name a few.

I am also very keen on the “label sound”; Channel One JA, Rockers International, Channel One UK, Prince Jammy, and Taxi Gang; I love the Black Uhuru Sound. Where there is a solid drum and bass chemistry, I look in that direction.

New Skool Reggae also has a place on my chord of influence; heavyweight rockers (Unga and Welsh) especially”.

Clatta then honed his craft further and moved to Providence, Rhode Island in the US. It was from here that he embarked on a fully-fledged solo career as an artist.

His debut EP We Are Chosen was a well-constructed introduction to Clatta as an artist – showcasing not only his gift as a writer but also as a virtuoso vocalist, as well. Grounded in Roots, it then naturally led to two further EPs which spawned a string of well-received songs.

However, it is Clatta’s ability to convey messages to the listener via both music and lyrics which really stands out. It is perhaps because so much of what he constructs is based around his owned lived experience, which then permeates via the sonics to the listener.

Clatta says of his craft:

“Music has saved me and kept me wholesome. After moving from Jamaica to the northeastern United States, I had my bout with Seasonal Affective Disorder, Economic Depression, Discrimination, Racism, and Class Disadvantages. Reggae music was my antidote, fuel for regeneration and survival, especially during the winter months. My situation as an immigrant is not unique and during the contemplation to start recording, it made sense to write and sing about my own experiences both personally and objectively toward the plight observed in the relationships around me.

Recognising that I had a strong voice and the ability to unpack parables, I decided to lean into the calling to serve by way of Roots music focus, not just for my kind but for all people. The struggles I faced in the Rhode Island were rooted in malpractices in the relationships that brought me to the first world. People are the reasons for most, if not all, of my suffering.

I am passionate and focused on this musical sound we are bringing forward because the good change is achievable; often what is needed is a stimulus, people need a little push in the right direction. I do not mind the charge at all. I feel good about serving via my ability to create and perform songs”.

His most recent full release was also his debut album – Make Way Rasta, a conscious and intimate piece of Roots Reggae which delighted fans, listeners, and critics alike. Journalist Steve Topple, writer for both Pauzeradio and Reggaeville, said of the album:

“Clatta has created a masterpiece in Make Way Rasta. Aside from being a musically deft piece of work – one that transcends just Roots to deliver elements of Soul, Rock, and other genres – the sheer quality of both the compositions and engineering creates the feel of a big-label project. In fact, though, Clatta’s precise yet warm and personal touch is what really differentiates Make Way Rasta from any corporate release. The artist goes on an intimate journey through the project – and as a listener, he carries you along with him. A superb debut”.

Then, his live performances are also a thing of beauty – accompanied by his band, the Roots Government. Clatta has the rich resonance of a Soul singer: a smooth, balanced physical interpretation of the music seamlessly marrying with what he is singing and the compositions that accompany it. He is passionate and engaging on stage – drawing and then keeping the audience’s attention. This artist is a skilled and experienced live performer who is sure to light up any stage he walks out on to.

But central to Clatta’s worldview with his artistry is what his music can achieve. He says:

“I heard the calling and I answered. I do plan to stay present and create for the rest of my days. The focus is to be responsible, uphold the principle of the intrinsic sound and create a catalogue which carries forward. As I learn and grow, I will teach and aid in the development of others, especially the young. Not all in peril is lost; systems have no other choice but to change or fall. I wish to keep the lights on for Rasta people to see that there is always a way. Clatta Bumboo Reggae Music is, and will, continue to be my contribution”.

Clatta Bumboo is the consummate Roots Reggae artist. His voice is instantly recognisable; his music is impassioned and steeped in classic Roots sensibilities – which traverse other genres. And he is a gifted lyricist, being able to convey complex messages to the world. As Clatta Bumboo continues to grow, it will be fascinating to see where this highly dextrous Roots artist goes next.

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Clatta Bumboo Biography By Mr Topple / Pauzeradio PR Services (24th November 2023)

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