Clatta Bumboo Make Way Rasta Album Press Release

Clatta Bumboo – Make Way Rasta – Album Press Release

Press Release: Clatta Bumboo’s debut album is finally here – seeing the talented artist ‘make way’ for a new chapter in his career.

Jamaican-born, US-based Roots artist Clatta Bumboo is humbled and proud to announce the release of his debut full-length album, Make Way Rasta – available on all platforms on 24 November 2023.

Make Way Rasta, released via Black River Sonics, sees this accomplished singer, songwriter, and producer deliver 12 tracks grounded in Rastafari Roots Reggae – but all with their own individual twists:

The project represents a lifetime of experiences for Clatta – and years of dedication to his craft to get to this point. However, the process of completing the album was relatively short.

As Clatta explained:

“The project started taking shape in the first week of June 2022. The global pandemic had put a hard stop on live performances and studio work, so we revisited some drum tracks that were cut in 2018/2019.

“I started to write for the project November 16, 2022, in Negril, Jamaica with Garfield Gabay at the helm. It was all great timing. Garfield and Novelyn Thompson are a mainstay in the Prophecy Band and Trevor Mackenzie is the bassist in the Harmony House Band. They were all on tour breaks and were playing on the Negril circuit. So, we did some cooking at The Ambassador Of Choice Studios”.

He has already released three tracks from the album: the title track, steeped in Rock and Roots Reggae; Be Strong, a soulful cut reminiscent of Zion I Kings, and Where Is Home, where Clatta goes full-on Roots-Soul across an anthemic arrangement:

“Clatta has created a masterpiece in Make Way Rasta. Aside from being a musically deft piece of work – one that transcends just Roots to deliver elements of Soul, Rock, and other genres – the sheer quality of both the compositions and engineering creates the feel of a big-label project. In fact, though, Clatta’s precise yet warm and personal touch is what really differentiates Make Way Rasta from any corporate release. The artist goes on an intimate journey through the project – and as a listener, he carries you along with him. A superb debut” – Mr Topple, Pauzeradio

The release of Make Way Rasta is a thrilling time for Clatta. He said:

“There is pure excitement in the camp. Everyone involved in the process – from seed to product – are satisfied with the graduation of each song, and the overall project. Within I, there’s pure joy. The goal at the root of our music/art is to bring people together and shape culture positively. Make Way Rasta is ready for the masses, and we are of course more confident in our direction”.

Across the record and away from the previously released singles, there’s a bounty of musical treasures to be found. From The Sound’s swaying, Ska-like riffs and chord progressions – and Live Up Now’s direct Ska-meets-Steppers arrangement – to Give I Strength’s pleasing dotted-note chorus via Digital Dystopia’s almost Cali, Surf Rock guitar sound, Clatta heavily expands on Roots.

Calling To The People injects some 80s Synthwave into the mix with its throwback, Casio-like synth. Meanwhile, Got What I Want is a veritable Lovers Rock-like cut. Plus, there’s a surprise in store with Angel Of The Night, too. Overall, Clatta displays the length and breadth of his abilities across the entire project.

Lyrically, Clatta constructed an album that transcends narratives – much of it internalised, as he muses on the state of the world and how he, and the rest of humanity, interact with it and the system. Some of it is melancholy – like Where Is Home and its evaluation of life for Black people in the Global North – while other parts are celebratory, like Got What I Want’s praise for cannabis.

Of course, Clatta wraps this musical and lyrical backdrop up in his smooth, rich, and expressive baritone-come-tenor voice – on the one hand resonant and rounded, and on the other with a strong and impressive range.

Overall, Make Way Rasta is a stunning first full release from Clatta. A complete experience for the listener on all levels, it promises to be one of the strongest releases of 2023.

And Clatta has a clear message for listeners about what he hopes they’ll take away from the Make Way Rasta experience. He said that he hopes people will ponder that:

“Not all in peril is lost. I want the nay-sayers to be a peace. The disc jocks, event planners, producers, young musicians, and Reggae lovers – I want them to listen and recognise that change has come. Roots Reggae, Message music, Rasta music, is alive and healthy. I want the people to have assurance in that we got Reggae music”.

You can pre-order, download or listen to Clatta Bumboo Make Way Rasta on your preferred platform here.

Make Way Rasta track listing:
1.Make Way Rasta
2.The Sound
3.Calling To The People
4.Give I Strength
5.Be Strong
6.Digital Dystopia
7.Where Is Home
8.Live Up Now
9.Got What I Want
10.Good Vibration
11.Angel Of The Night
12.Digital Dystopia (Dub Style)

Executive producer: Sheldon S. Townsend (for Black River Sonics).
Publisher: Black River Sonics.
Mastering: Rohan Dwyer at Mixaholic Music.
Cover artwork: Sheldon S. Townsend.

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Clatta Bumboo Make Way Rasta Album Press Release by Mr Topple / Pauzeradio PR Services (24th November 2023).

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