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Clatta Bumboo Be Strong Press Release

Clatta Bumboo – Be Strong – Press Release

Press Release: Clatta Bumboo urges us to ‘be strong’ in the second release from his highly anticipated new album.

Emerging Roots artist Clatta Bumboo is gearing up for the release of his brand-new album on 24 November. Ahead of this, he’s released the second single from the record: a soulful and pertinent track for our time.

Be Strong, released via Black River Sonics, sees this accomplished singer, songwriter, and producer move his sound further forward. The track is taken from Clatta’s forthcoming, and debut, album – slated for release on 24 November. The record will consist of 12 tracks, and is heavily rooted in Rastafari Roots:

Be Strong, the second track from the album Make Way Rasta, follows-on from the record’s title track – which saw Clatta build a sound that infused Roots Reggae with elements of Rock. However, with Be Strong he has created sonics which, while being grounded in the same Roots sensibilities, draw on different elements to create the finished product:

“Across Be Strong, Clatta and his highly skilled team have honed-in on a smoother yet equally haunting sound as we saw on Make Way Rasta. The track is luscious yet moving – invoking a feeling not dissimilar to that of Zion I Kings, complete with soulful elements and a fluidity that immerses you in its gentle yet precise motion. Wonderful.”Mr Topple, Pauzeradio

Be Strong is once again a track grounded in Roots sensibilities – like the keys running their persistent bubble rhythm, the bass on its drop beat swaying riff, and drums performing a classic one drop. However, what Clatta and producer Ray Gennari have then done is embellish the sound with elements of Soul. An electric organ is central to this – creating a flowing motion across the choppy rhythm section – while the varying and intricate chord progressions, a key change on the bridge, and brooding use of synths complete this complex and emotive sound.

Meanwhile, Clatta said of Be Strong’s lyrical narrative:

“It’s important to come to terms with how the system is set, and the strategies used by the respective agents to keep control. Still, it nuh matter what a gwan.

We must stay focused and not lose that sense of self. Be mindful of our choices and choose to ‘be strong’ as we trod earth.

These melodies, rhythm and word combinations together are a simple reminder – that we the people are really in control”.

Lyrically, Clatta delivers a pertinent and thought-provoking message about life under a system that is rigged against the majority of us – delving into his thoughts on this. However, he’s juxtaposed this with an overall positive narrative about how, with strength and spiritual faith, we will overcome.

His vocals here are, like the musical backdrop, a progression on Make Way Rasta – showing that Clatta can turn his hand to multiple genres with ease, as he evokes multiple elements of Soul throughout. Overall, Be Strong is a gorgeous Roots-Fusion track – and bodes well for the quality of the entire album.

You can pre-order, download or listen to Clatta Bumboo Make Way Rasta on your preferred platform here.

Be Strong credits:
Executive producer: Sheldon S. Townsend (for Black River Sonics).
Producer: Ray Gennari
Writer: Sheldon S. Townsend.
Lead vocals: Clatta Bumboo.
Drums: Aston Barrett Jr.
Backing vocals: Carol Ann Dexter.
Trumpet: Mark Berney.
Bass, guitars, piano, organ, percussion, synths, bells: Ray Gennari.
Percussion: Brady Robinson.
Mixing: Ray Gennari.
Mastering: Rohan Dwyer.
Background vocal recording: Rohan Dwyer.
Full scale production at the Rocktorium of Love, West Kingston RI.
Engineered by Ray Gennari

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Clatta Bumboo Be Strong Press Release by Mr Topple / Pauzeradio PR Services (13th November 2023).

Clatta Bumboo Be Strong Press Release

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