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Clatta Bumboo Make Way Rasta Press Release

Clatta Bumboo – Make Way Rasta – Press Release

Press Release: Clatta Bumboo shows again why his Roots status is fast becoming legendary.

Emerging Roots artist Clatta Bumboo is quickly becoming one of the must-listen to voices in the culture. Now, he’s back with another superb release, ahead of his new album which drops globally on 24 November.

Make Way Rasta, released via Black River Sonics, sees this accomplished singer, songwriter, and producer further his slick and compelling sound. The track is taken from Clatta’s forthcoming, and debut, album of the same name – slated for release on 24 November. The record will consist of 12 tracks, and his heavily grounded in Rastafari Roots:

This, the lead song from the album Make Way Rasta, follows-on from the Jamaican-born, US-based artist’s numerous releases, including the EPs We Are Chosen (2019), Future Water (2020), and Catalysis: Miles Deep in the Attic (2021). Now, fans and critics alike are going to be treated to a full-length project from Clatta – and if Make Way Rasta is anything to go by, it’s sure to be a sumptuous and compelling affair:

“The track is a wonderful infusion of Roots sensibilities coupled with some pleasing attention to detail – not least the spellbinding electric guitars, which evoke something more Rock. With gorgeous chord progressions, an affecting yet pleasing melody, and slick engineering, Make Way Rasta is a haunting and evocative effort from Clatta” – Mr Topple, Pauzeradio

Make Way Rasta is persistent and relentless. The Roots Reggae musical devices like the piano’s bubble rhythm and drums’ one drop are juxtaposed with influences from other genres. The guitars – filled with bending, glissandos, and blue notes – are certainly more Rock-influenced, while the building of the track to its emotive and full-throated bridge then climax could almost feel at home in Soul. Overall, it’s a complex and scintillating musical backdrop.

Meanwhile, Clatta said of Make Way Rasta’s lyrical narrative:

“Reggae music has become somewhat of a popular genre. It’s free music, but the ‘do what you want’ state of being around Reggae is a subject for concern. It’s become about greed. It’s like we have become the evil we deplore; so, the messaging in this showcase for popularity and by extension fortune, has caused atrophy compared to what we call Roots music or message music.

“It’s become what sells, and all aspects of Rastafari culture, Jamaican culture – especially the music – is now fair game for every or anyone to toy with, because of deep rooted self-interest. Make Way Rasta sprouted from the tower of the Warner observer.

“The message comes from the responsibility to remind Rasta people that the work to enlighten the young is never done and shall continue – the generational works; generational cultivation; generational harvest, and generational cycles. The track is a reminder to all people, especially Rasta people, of this”.

Lyrically, Clatta has constructed a veritable sermon on the fall of society and our species – issuing a rallying cry for us to save ourselves – all wrapped up in Rastafari culture. It serves the music well, and vice versa.

Clatta’s vocals throughout are strong – showing why he’s quickly becoming one of the most exciting artists to emerge in recent years – and overall, Make Way Rasta is a moving, highly accomplished, and thought-provoking piece of work. At just under four minutes, it’s perfect for radio – and bodes extremely well for the full album.

You can listen or download Make Way Rasta on your preferred platform here.

Make Way Rasta credits:
Executive producer: Sheldon S. Townsend (for Black River Sonics).
Producers: Ray Gennari and Sheldon S. Townsend. 
Writer: Sheldon S. Townsend.
Lead vocals: Clatta Bumboo.
Drums: Brady Robinson.
Backing vocals: Carol Ann Dexter.
Trumpet: Mark Berney.
Electric Guitar (Wah Fills): Frank Moniz.
Bass, guitars, trombone, piano, organ, percussion: Ray Gennari.
Mixing: Rohan Dwyer.
Mastering: Rohan Dwyer.
Background vocal recording: Rohan Dwyer.
Preproduction sessions recorded at 644 Studio, Providence RI. Engineered by Alexander Caracciolo, with musical support by Matthew Odabashian. 
Full scale production at the Rocktorium of Love, West Kingston RI. Engineered by Ray Gennari

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Clatta Bumboo Make Way Rasta Press Release by Mr Topple / Pauzeradio PR Services (31st October 2023).

Clatta Bumboo Make Way Rasta Press Release

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