Clatta Bumboo Where Is Home Press Release

Clatta Bumboo – Where Is Home – Press Release

Press Release: Clatta Bumboo ponders ‘where is home’ for Black people ahead of his long-awaited debut album.

Emerging Roots artist Clatta Bumboo is almost ready to release his brand-new album on 24 November. However, just before this debut full-length project drops, he’s released the third track: an anthemic and moving affair.

Where Is Home, released via Black River Sonics, sees this accomplished singer, songwriter, and producer deliver his most complete work so far. The track is taken from Clatta’s forthcoming, and debut, album – slated for release on 24 November. The record will consist of 12 tracks, and is heavily entrenched in Rastafari Roots:

Where Is Home, the third track from the album Make Way Rasta, follows-on from the record’s title track and the second release, Be Strong. Now, to complete this trio Clatta gives us a searing, expertly crafted, and socially conscious Roots Reggae cut:

“Clatta has done it again with Where Is Home. Here, he further advances the rich, complexly-orchestrated sound we heard on ‘Be Strong’ – delivering an anthemic rallying-cry for emancipation, drenched in melancholy yet perfectly executed, soulful Roots arrangements. The track is superb – therefore, it seems the full album will be, too” – Mr Topple, Pauzeradio

Where Is Home takes a basic Roots Reggae palette and immerses it in intricate, soulful colours. The lilting, thoughtful pace is enhanced by the superb trio of winding guitar lines – juxtaposed with an inspired use of a clavinet. You’re given the feeling of a musical sermon via the heavily harmonised backing vocals – swerving between accompaniment and call and response arrangements. To finish this off, the horn section peaks and troughs via crescendo and decrescendo across a vocal-like arrangement that complements the other instrumentation perfectly.

Lyrically, Clatta has delivered a written sermon to go alongside the musical one. Here, he ponders the institutionalised racism and classism that exists under the system; the colonialism that has never really gone away, and metaphorically whether the African diaspora will ever really be settled in the Global North (and therefore, the belly of the beast) – or whether they’ll ever spiritually and geographically return to the Motherland.

His vocals across the track are stunning: urgent, impassioned, and heartfelt – using a wide range of varying dynamics to accentuate the lyrical content, while wrapping it up in good use of vocal techniques like vibrato and well-controlled runs and riffs.

Overall, Where Is Home is a brilliant piece of work from all involved. Thought-provoking across all aspects, it shows the power of Clatta’s artistry and those around him.

Meanwhile, Clatta said of the upcoming release of his debut album Make Way Rasta:

“I am feeling great about the quality of project and the excitement builds as the release date draws closer. We did well. Make Way Rasta being completed and set to go out is real confidence booster and a testimony. Yes, I heard the calling and I’ve answered responsibly. I’m happy and joyful. Looking forward to the people having full access”.

You can pre-order, download or listen to Clatta Bumboo Make Way Rasta on your preferred platform here.

Where Is Home credits:
Executive producer: Sheldon S. Townsend (for Black River Sonics).
Producers: Garfield Gabay and Sheldon S. Townsend.
Writer: Sheldon S. Townsend.
Lead vocals: Clatta Bumboo.
Drums: Brady Robinson.
Bass: Wayne “Skibbo” Buckham.
Backing vocals: Carol Ann Dexter.
Lead, rhythm, and stuck line guitars: Novelyn “Sixteen” Thompson.
Piano, organ, and clavinet: Garfield Gabay.
Trumpet: Mark Berney.
Trombone: Ray Gennari.
Horn arrangement: Garfield Gabay.
Horns recording: Ray Gennari at Rocktorium of Love, West Kingston RI.
Mixing: Rohan Dwyer.
Mastering: Rohan Dwyer.
Background vocal recording: Rohan Dwyer.
Drums recorded at the Rocktorium of Love, West Kingston RI.
Engineered by Ray Gennari.
Full-Scale production at Ambassador Of Choice Studio, Negril JA.
Engineered by Nackia “Chub Star” Garwood.

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Clatta Bumboo Where Is Home Press Release by Mr Topple / Pauzeradio PR Services (16th November 2023).

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