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LawGiver The Kingson’s Debut EP Finally Arrived – Press Release

Press Release: Jamaican star LawGiver The Kingson’s debut EP has finally arrived By Mr Topple / Pauzeradio PR Services.

Jamaican artist LawGiver The Kingson’s debut EP is set to light up the start of 2021. The project features seven tracks, all co-penned by LawGiver with a host of some of the most recognisable names in production. It also features both some legendary and up-and-coming talent. But the EP also shows this artist’s considerable versatility – as it sweeps across musical boundaries and genres.

The Kingson From Kingston will be released via Imperishable Uprising on 7 January 2021. It offers the world a glimpse into the artistic talents of LawGiver. The EP takes you on a journey through Jamaican music and culture – stopping at several points along the way. Outwardly, The Kingson from Kingston works around several genres: Afrobeats, AfroDancehall and Roots. But the level of musical and technical detail is far greater than that:

“The Kingson from Kingston is a triumph in every sense of the word. Rich, musically exciting and lyrically powerful, it represents the homecoming of LawGiver as an artist. The EP will surely cement him as one of the most exciting talents to emerge from Jamaica in recent years” – Mr Topple for Pauzeradio.

LawGiver has worked with various, well-known names across the project. Vibe (Big Sound) was done in collaboration with legendary producers Sly and Robbie of Taxi Records. Multi-instrumentalist Dean Fraser gifted his talents to Jah Neva Fail I and Real Hustler, as did producers Cleveland Brown and Owen “Bass Face” Rennalls. And the incomparable Half Pint duets with LawGiver on Alive and Kicking.

But The Kingson from Kingston also showcases some of the freshest up-and-coming talent, too. Kardi Tivali’s writing and production skills feature on two tracks; young and gifted artist Benks Ez Boy joins LawGiver across Queen’s Treat, Refuel, and fellow St Mary alumni Yaksta features on The Ruler. It is a testament to LawGiver’s artistic, conscious vision that the EP is a vehicle for veteran and emerging talent.

Ultimately, The Kingson from Kingston is also a timely and searing display of his own capabilities, too. LawGiver’s style has been described by renowned music journalist Steve Topple (for Pauzeradio) as “a mix of a husky, gravely Soul singer and a precise, rhythmically-focused singjay artist”. This is witnessed across the EP, as LawGiver’s adaptive and unique performance technique lends itself to every style and every genre visited. The lyrical content, dealing with themes of spirituality, the world around us, society and the system, provides a powerful narrative for our time:

LawGiver lives by the mantra that “hard work will yield success”. He says of the debut EP:

“There is a feeling of elation, anxiousness as well as a feeling of accomplishment as it has been a long and tedious road. I want my EP to represent the very essence of authentic Roots Reggae music. I hope to give the people my gift of music, resonating the essence of love, good vibes and the deep African spirituality that transcends in every note of it I also hope to provide Reggae music globally to the lovers of the Jamaican Reggae and Dancehall culture. They can certainly experience the Jamaican lifestyle by listening to this EP, The Kingson from Kingston”.

The Kingson from Kingston will surely yield success for this gifted Jamaica artist. Available from 7 January 2021, LawGiver starts the year firmly planting himself into the musical landscape. Read Pauzeradio’s review here.

The Kingson from Kingston full track listing:
1. Vibe (Big Sound)
2. Jah Neva Fail I
3. Queen’s Treat, Refuel ft. Benks Ez Boy
4. Real Hustler (Extended Dub Mix)
5. Roadside Re-Up
6. The Ruler ft. Yaksta
7. Alive and Kicking ft. Half Pint

Stream or download The Kingson From Kingston here

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Jamaican star LawGiver The Kingson’s debut EP has finally arrived Press Release By Mr Topple / Pauzeradio PR Services.

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