Kumar Bent Biography

Kumar Bent

Kumar Bent Biography: Former lead singer and songwriter of Raging Fyah.

Kumar Bent was born on December 12, 1988, in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. Despite his early passion for music, Kumar chose to focus on his academics. With teachers for parents, he was a focused student with more than a love for music; music was his true passion. The family background in teaching contributed a lot to his path and also made him a lover of words and a wordsmith. It became obvious that he was a natural storyteller, and he speaks in melodies. Music is his vibe, his consciousness, his healing, and his food, a natural.

Kumar’s journey into music began in his teenage years, when he started singing in local church choirs and talent competitions. His vocal abilities and stage presence attracted attention, earning him a lot of praise from peers and mentors alike.

While pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering, he enrolled at Edna Manley College. Kumar discovered that his passion for music could reach greater heights if he properly trained for it. Ibo Cooper strongly encouraged him to switch to vocal studies and concentrate more on his songwriting after he had studied the piano and keyboard for a couple of years.

Raging Fyah
In 2010, Kumar became Raging Fyah’s lead vocalist. This was a significant turning point in his career. Raging Fyah, known for their roots sound and conscious lyrics, provided Kumar with a platform to showcase his talents on a larger scale. With Kumar’s vocals leading the way, the band released a number of albums, including “Judgement Day” (2011), “Destiny” (2014), and the Grammy-nominated album “Everlasting” (2016), which earned them widespread recognition within the reggae community, and Raging Fyah was put into rotation here on Pauzeradio.

Solo Career
After a number of successful years with Raging Fyah, Kumar decided to explore a solo career to create new musical territories and express his individuality. In 2018, he released his debut solo album, “Kulture Walk,” a soul-stirring collection of songs that showcased Kumar’s versatility and depth. The album received praise from fans and critics alike for its lyrics, infectious melodies, and powerful vocal performances.

As Mr Topple wrote for Pauzeradio, Remember Me, released in 2020 via Baco Records and written by Kumar, sees the former Raging Fyah star team up with Jahvanie ‘week.day’ Morrison on production (the man who co-created Usain Bolt’s Olympe Rosé Riddim) via his Tru Ambassador label. There’s a gorgeous video to accompany it.”

Also, in 2020, he worked with Fruits Records, releasing the single “Message On Your Radio,” a positive and uplifting song about the power of positive music. The single, released on vinyl, came with an excellent dub version on the B side, created by Gregory Morris and the 18th Parallel Band.

After a string of powerful releases, his single “Walk With You,” released in 2024, showcased his consistency and strength, stabilising him as a top-quality, solo roots artist.

Distincitive style
A prolific songwriter, poet, and musician, Kumar is constantly writing and journaling, finding inspiration in his surroundings while at home on his farm, with his family or on the road. His extensive global touring since 2011 and exposure to a wide range of cultures and musical genres are evident and distinctive in the Raging Fyah catalogue. You only have to listen to the lyrics to learn that this is a very grounded and talented individual.

Kumar’s music embodies an authentic reggae sound, infused with elements of soul, R&B, and jazz. His lyrics often touch upon themes of love, spirituality, social justice, and empowerment, reflecting his deep connection to his Jamaican roots and his commitment to positive change. Kumar’s delivery and heartfelt storytelling have earned him a reputation as one of reggae music’s most compelling voices of this generation.

Collaborations and more
Throughout his career, Kumar has collaborated with a range of artists and producers, expanding his musical horizons and pushing the boundaries of reggae. His collaborations with both known and emerging artists have resulted in captivating musical partnerships and performances that have resonated with audiences all over the world.

He has collaborated with I-Kong, Nattali Rize, Stick Figure, Fortunate Youth, Alborosie, Awa Fall, and many more well-known names in reggae.

He also founded the popular music festival, Wickie Wackie Music Fest, in Bull Bay. It started out as a platform for up-and-coming artists in Jamaica but has now become a full-on yearly festival, with many artists coming to the island to perform. This unique individual created another outstanding legacy.

Kumar’s live performances have earned him a dedicated following and opportunities to perform at major music festivals and venues around the globe.

Inspiring legacy
Kumar Bent’s contributions to the reggae genre have created a unique mark on the music industry, inspiring listeners with his heartfelt music and commitment to spreading messages of love, unity, and positivity. As he continues to evolve as an artist, Kumar remains dedicated to using his music as a tool for social change and uplifting the human spirit.

From his early beginnings in Jamaica to his rise as a global reggae sensation, Kumar Bent’s musical journey is a testament to the power of music to break down boundaries, unite people, and inspire positive change. With his soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics, Kumar continues to captivate audiences and leave a lasting legacy in the world of reggae.

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Kumar Bent Biography written by Gav Pauze / Pauzeradio PR Services.

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