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Jaz Elise

As always on Pauzeradio.com, we aim to bring you the best and the most unique voices in reggae music from the past, the present and the future. Jaz Elise is exactly that, a voice of the present and the future.

Raised and moulded in the strongly cultured city of Kingston, Jamaica, Jaz Elise is an artiste who is on a mission to make great songs and uplift and spread positivity to everyone. Born Jasmine Taylor, Jaz Elise goes by her philosophy, “Fulfil your purpose by following your passions and your heart and be guided by the wisdom of those who came before. Know that you are, you can and you will.”

Jaz Elise’s involvement in music started at the age of five in the children’s choir at her local church. She moved onto singing and performing at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels during her years at various educational facilities. This was no surprise, as she comes from a family of musicians. Her father is a pianist and guitarist, and her mother and siblings are also extremely talented singers. Jaz Elise is also a dancer and actress. She has co-starred in short films such as ‘Capture Land‘ (directed by Nabil Elderkin) and ‘Proscenium’.

Her sound is a mixture of soulful melodies and DJ Style, (DJ style is known as MC’ing in the UK). Her aim is to tell real stories and real perspectives in her music and of course to entertain. Jaz Elise was featured on, friends of Pauzeradio, Upsetta Records‘ Love Vibration riddim in 2018 with the song “Forever Guide” as her first entry into the music arena. In that song, she sings about being guided on her journey into the world of music.

“For You”, her November 2018 debut single, a high energy blend of reggae and dancehall elements is a dedication to her family and it pays homage to her country, Jamaica. The single has been featured on Tidal Rising: Dancehall/Reggae playlist as well as a Spotify playlist curated by Protoje.

Released June 19th, Jaz Elise’s second and latest single “Fresh And Clean” is an Afrobeats/Dancehall fusion and in it she sings about stepping out everyday, giving thanks to the most high, feeling your best, putting your best foot forward, owning confidence we have within and sharing that with others.

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