Mighty Diamonds Tribute & Remembering U-Roy

Mighty Diamonds Tribute & Remembering U-Roy – #3

Mighty Diamonds Tribute & Remembering U-Roy. Selector Stix & the Stix Reggae Fix Show feat. The Mighty Diamonds, showcasing their incredible contribution to shaping reggae music into what it is today. Also Selector Stix remembers the legend that is U-Roy in this special episode.

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Mighty Diamonds Tribute & Remembering U-Roy

Part 1.
1.Mighty Diamonds – Gates Of Zion (12”)
2.Mighty Diamonds – Eyes Of Africa (Tabby Diamond 7”)
3.Mighty Diamonds – Jah Will Work It Out (Pass The Knowledge)
4.Mighty Diamonds – Heads Of Government (Heads Of Government LP)
5.Mighty Diamonds – Identity (Joe Gibbs Revive 45’s Vol 1 LP)
6.Mighty Diamonds – Back Whey Mafia (7”)
7.Mighty Diamonds – Brotherman (Pass The Knowledge)

Part 2.
8.Mighty Diamonds – Ghetto Living (Joe Gibbs Revive 45’s Vol 2)
9.Mighty Diamonds – Country Living (Ice On Fire LP)
10.Mighty Diamonds – Gypsy Woman (Joe Gibbs Revive 45’s Vol 2)
11.Mighty Diamonds – Just Can’t Figure Out (Lovers Rock SS Vol 3 CD)
12.Mighty Diamonds – Party Time (Pass The Knowledge)
13.Mighty Diamonds – Pass The Kutchie (12” Side A)
14.Mighty Diamonds – Pass The Knowledge (12” Side A2)
15.Mighty Diamonds – Cat-O-Nine (The Front Line CD)
16.Mighty Diamonds – Jah Will Work It Out (Virgin Front Line Roots CD)

Part 3.
17.Mighty Diamonds – Body Guard (7”)
18.Mighty Diamonds – Jah Bless The Dreadlocks (Pass The Knowledge)
19.Mighty Diamonds – Shame & Pride (Right Time LP)
20.Mighty Diamonds – Natural Natty (Right Time LP)
21.Mighty Diamonds – Africa (Right Time LP)
22.Mighty Diamonds – Them Never Love Poor Marcus (Right Time LP)
23.Mighty Diamonds – Why Me Black Brother (Right Time LP)
24.Mighty Diamonds – Right Time (Right Time LP)
25.Mighty Diamonds – I Need A Roof (Right Time LP)

Part 4.
26.Mighty Diamonds – Have Mercy (Right Time LP)
27.U-Roy – Have Mercy (Natty Rebel LP)
28.U-Roy – Natty Rebel (Natty Rebel LP)
29.U-Roy – African Message (Dread In A Babylon LP)
30.U-Roy – Evil Doers (Rasta Ambassador LP)
31.U-Roy – Jah Son Of Africa (Jah Son Of Africa LP)
32.U-Roy ft. Winston Wright & Tommy McCook – Wake The Town (U-Roy LP)
33.U-Roy – Rule The Nation (U-Roy LP)
34.U-Roy – Treasure Isle Skank (U-Roy LP)
35.U-Roy ft. The Melodians – Version Galore (Version Galore LP)
36.U-Roy ft. The Melodians – Everybody Bawlin (U-Roy LP)

Selector Stix brings his talents to Pauzeradio showcasing classical roots reggae and lovers rock sounds on the Stix Reggae Fix Show. This episode features music from the Mighty Diamonds and U-Roy, celebrating their contribution to shaping reggae into what it is today. Tune in for this unique journey through the golden ages of reggae music from one of the UK’s finest DJ’s. Follow Selector Stix on Twitter and Instagram.

Final mastering and artwork by Gav Pauze.

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