Norris Man Deep Conversations Press Release

Norris Man Returns With A New Album – Press Release

Reggae icon Norris Man returns with a new album, flanked by some legendary names Press Release by Mr Topple for

Iconic Reggae artist Norris Man has been a recognisable name in the culture for many decades. After the success of his 2020 album Emerge, he’s back with another consummate release – with up-and-coming Train Line Records at the helm and some production legends, plus Anthony B, involved as well.

Deep Conversations is set to be released by Train Line Records on 20 May 2022. It’s a collaboration between Norris Man, producer and Train Line Records founder Real Mckoy and legendary names in Reggae Sam Gilly (House of Riddim), Dean Fraser (saxophonist) and Dave Richards. Across 12 tracks, the album is filled with authentic Reggae vibes, top-class production, scintillating performances and thought-provoking lyrics:

“Deep Conversations is a deep-dive into luscious, well-crafted Roots Reggae. Norris Man, Mckoy and the team have created a powerful record which sweeps across subgenres of Reggae: from Roots, Reggae-Soul via Lover’s Rock and Dub. The arrangements are inventive and pleasing; the production rich and detailed; Norris Man is at the peak of his musical and lyrical powers and overall, Deep Conversations is a highly accomplished release that cements Train Line Records as a force to be reckoned with”Mr Topple for Pauzeradio

The album is a Roots Reggae affair at its heart – with the genre’s signature bubble rhythms, one drops and skanks littered across the tracks. But for fans of something more boundary-pushing, Deep Conversations has influences from across other genres: from I’m a Lover and its Reggae-Soul hybrid; the title track’s Lover’s Rock focus; Dignified and its 80s throwback feel; These are the Reasons’ dropping of Reggae altogether for Neo Soul, and the Song of Praise (and lead-track from the album) Shine Your Light with its Reggae-meets-Gospel vibes.

It’s a lyrically versatile project where Norris Man focuses on both the personal and societal throughout. There are plenty of Lover’s Rock tracks to please the romantic in the listener: from On Your Mind to I’m a Lover and the title track. But the album also deals with spirituality and personal faith in the form of tracks like Shine Your Light. And Norris Man tackles society’s bigger issues across cuts like Houses of Parlement, Builders of Rome and Juvenile:

Mckoy said of Deep Conversations:

“It’s always a magnificent moment working with these musicians. Collaborating with Sam, Dean and Dave is always a great experience and a learning moment as I progress in my production.

I’ve worked with Norris Man a couple of times in the past. So, the energy and musical vibes are always there – meaning we created an album that the music lovers can appreciate.

I know the Reggae lovers will appreciate this one. Lots of hard work and time was spent on this album to make sure everything connects”.

Deep Conversations is a stellar release from Norris Man and Train Line Records. It harks back to earlier Roots Reggae while firmly planting itself in 21st century musical influences and lyricism. An essential listen that has a multitude of songs perfect for airplay and mixes.

Deep Conversations track listing:
House of Parlement feat. Anthony B
Deep Conversation
I’m a Lover
As I Rise
Builders of Rome
Shine Your Light
These are the Reasons
Time was Wasted
On Your Mind
Wicked Man World

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Reggae icon Norris Man returns with a new album, flanked by some legendary names Press Release by Mr Topple / Pauzeradio PR Services (17th May 2022).

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