Don Hartley The Third Day Press Release

Don Hartley – The Third Day – Press Release

Press Release: Don Hartley shows again why his Roots’ status is legendary.

Veteran Roots artist Don Hartley has been a staple on the conscious Reggae seen for over three decades. Now, he’s back with another superb release – following on from his recent cuts Do You Have What It Takes and Black Moses.

The Third Day, released via Don Hartley Music, sees this accomplished singer, songwriter, and producer further his slick and compelling sound. It’s another quality Roots release, taken from Hartley’s upcoming debut EP, with digital roots producer I-niverse expected in early August 2023:

The track follows-on from the Jamaican-born, UK-based artist’s 2022 release Black Moses. Pauzeradio said that on the cut, Hartley “has mixed some sure-fire Reggae vibes with Soul-led elements.”. Now, with The Third Day we see that sophisticated approach flourish further – this time merging elements of several styles of Reggae:

“The track is a wonderful infusion of Roots sensibilities, with smatterings of Dub as well as an overall sense of momentum not a million miles away from Steppers. The Third Day is a fascinating smorgasbord of ideas: bass heavy, drum-laden, all topped off by Hartley’s pleading vocal. Very nicely executed” – Mr Topple, Pauzeradio

Across the record, there’s a real focus on a driving sound. The omnipresent bass is deep, resonant, and constantly moving – while the pattering drums bring even more momentum to the track. They’re compounded by the busy kick – which gives that Steppers feel to proceedings. Nice use of additional percussion, some hints at Dub engineering, and gorgeous backing vocals finish all this off delightfully.

Meanwhile, Hartley said of The Third Day’s narrative:

“This one is a look into the cruelty meted-out to our Lord in his humanity, and the pain and suffering felt by his mother – as well as her cry of anguish as she beheld the spectacle played out in front of her. The title highlights the victory of life over death on ‘The Third Day’”.

Lyrically, Hartley has constructed a veritable sermon on the fate of Jesus and his mother. While on the face of it, this seems ubiquitous, there’s a deeper message here. Man’s inhumanity to man is stark in the world today – from war, to disease, via famine, and poverty – and Hartley’s timely reminder that our hatred towards one another has existed for millennia serves as a stark warning for our future, too.

His vocals throughout are strong – showing why he’s had the illustrious career he’s had – and overall, The Third Day is a potent and thought-provoking track, not only for our time but also for Hartley’s musical journey.

You can listen or download The Third Day on your preferred platform here.

For more information, you can contact Don Hartley via his website here.

The Third Day credits:
Lyrics and vocals: Don Hartley
Music and production: I-niverse
Label: Don Hartley Music
Format: Digital Download/Streaming
Artwork: Dan Subtifuge

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Don Hartley The Third Day Press Release by Mr Topple / Pauzeradio PR Services (1st July 2023).

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