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Culture Reggae & Dub Mix Press Release

Culture Reggae & Dub Mix – Press Release

Culture Reggae & Dub Mix Press Release by Mr Topple / Pauzeradio PR Services.

There’s much to be said about Roots (and also Rastafari) culture. From its grounding in spiritual faith and its continued relevance in 21st century society – the music and the message has always been strong. But its perhaps the culture’s continued giving of a voice to oppressed and struggling people and its hope for eventual emancipation for us all, which really sets it apart.

Roots and its proponents have always sought to inspire us. The music understands that many of us are shackled in some way; trapped behind metaphorical, physical or mental barbed wire – longingly looking outwards at the glistening sun dripping through the branches of the blossoming trees of freedom. The artists weave together stories and narratives that aim not to preach, but to make us think – and ultimately affect change. These often-rousing sermons are delivered in the hope that we can break through the barbed wire; rip off the shackles and reach a place where finally we can all live in peace, as one.

With that in mind, DJ Pauze is humbled and proud to have compiled the latest edition of the Unique Reggae Mix Show around the notion of “Culture Reggae and Dub”: a showcase of how Roots, its derivatives and the artists can use the culture of their craft to deliver life-affirming and inspiring messages that can touch us all. DJ Pauze has shifted the focus from previous shows – here, taking broader brushstrokes with the artists, incorporating more of their individual music and also bringing more Dub into the mix.

As always, the show is divided up into four separate parts. And listen carefully, because DJ Pauze’s insightful mixing not only seamlessly links one artist to another, but also provides a rousing narrative throughout.

Part One focuses on the spiritual nature of Roots and Dub. It opens with a selection from Nga Han’s recent release, The Living Stream – a lush and compelling project that shows the class that exists in modern Roots. Jubba White’s recent Solar Riddim features twice, while multi-instrumentalist Don Fe is visited first across two of his EPs – with DJ Pauze then cleverly weaving him back in to close Part One with the recently released Youthful Riddim – marking a sea change in the narrative of the show.

Part Two shifts the focus onto more brooding vibes. Of note is DJ Pauze’s inclusion of tracks from Ras Teo and Zion I Kings’ project Celestial Rockers: a thought-provoking and unsettling record, whose tracks here carry that feeling across into the show. The focus on organised, fundamentalist religion versus true spirituality is pertinent. Chezidek features across three tracks, including Shine On from Larger Than Life Record’s recent Babylon Falling Riddim – another unnerving track. And Part Two’s closing – Essah and Kabaka Pyramid’s Police & Badboy – is fitting.

Then, Part Three begins to bring in more calming and reflective feelings of positivity. Uwe Banton recently returned with his first album in nine years, Free You Mind. Here, DJ Pauze has included some of the more potent tracks, which create a rolling narrative of chaos to calm in themselves. Dub features more prominently in this segment too, with impressive cuts from Hi Grade Hi-Fi and Gregory Morris. The closing selections, including Turbulence and Luciano, from the Love Like That Riddim once more shift the thematic tone forward.

DJ Pauze closes the show with Part Four – focusing on how we can tread a positive and righteous path in life – and how Roots culture assists us on that journey. The inclusion of tracks from Alborosie’s latest album is the summation of the message. The record, called For The Culture, encapsulates DJ Pauze’s thinking perfectly. There’s a selection of tracks from Anotha One Production’s recent and huge Forgive I Jah Riddim, including the superb duet Struggles of Life from Naptali and Luciano. And this episode of the Unique Reggae Mix Show closes with two tracks from Messenjah Selah – finishing the show perfectly.

As always, links to the show are here. Culture Reggae & Dub Mix Stream

Many of the tracks are available to buy on vinyl and CD in the Pauzeradio shop.

With unconditional solidarity and hope for the coming months,

The Pauze Radio Team

Stay cultured. Stay open. Stay blessed. Stay Pauzed.

Culture Reggae & Dub Mix Press Release by Mr Topple / Pauzeradio PR Services (16th July 2021).

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