Creatives With AI Podcast feat Gav Pauze Press Release

Creatives With AI Podcast Hosted by David Brown feat. Gav Pauze – Press Release

Press Release: From Vinyl to Virtual The Evolution of The Live DJ with Gav Pauze.

With so many changes constantly happening within the music and other creative industries, the rise of AI has been at the forefront. It’s important to discuss views on AI, good and bad, as to learn and create ways to utilise the new tools that are becoming more widely available.

So, with this in mind, it was with great pleasure that Gav accepted the invitation to go onto David Brown’s Podcast, Creatives With AI. The hour-long discussion was about what DJ’ing was like when Gav first started back in the 90s, right through to what it’s like now with all the modern advances in tech and the changes generally throughout the music industry.

You can listen to the podcast here: Creatives With AI Episode 34 feat. Gav Pauze.

David said about episode 34 of the Creatives With AI Podcast:

“This week, a DJ and radio show host shares his inspirational story and discusses the impact of AI on the music industry. He highlights the evolution of DJ’ing technology, from vinyl to digital controllers, and the loss of the personal touch in DJ’ing”.

Also, David went more in-depth about the topics covered:

“Gav also discusses the challenges of AI in music recognition and the flood of music that makes it difficult for artists to stand out. He expresses concerns about job losses in the creative industry and the loss of artistic integrity. However, he also sees the potential benefits of AI in automating certain tasks and saving costs for small businesses”.

Then finishing off by mentioning everything Gav Pauze does in and outside of Pauzeradio:

“Gav is a published poet, songwriter, qualified audio engineer & owner of Pauzeradio. He’s been a vinyl DJ since 1995, now focused on broadcasting roots reggae and dub music since 2006”.

The main points from this podcast are:

  1. The evolution of DJ’ing technology has led to a loss of the personal touch and the unique signature of DJs.
  2. The flood of music and the ease of digital distribution have made it difficult for artists to stand out and earn a living.
  3. AI in music recognition can have errors and misattribute songs, leading to artists not receiving proper royalties.
  4. The creative industry is at risk of job losses as AI technology advances and replaces human DJs and musicians.
  5. Despite the challenges, AI has potential benefits in automating certain tasks and saving costs for small businesses.

“Remember, whatever industry you are working in, it’s important to keep up with the advances in technology. There’s no need to throw away old working routines or practices that make your work unique to you but try not to make the mistake I made in the past by not keeping up with the times and moving forward by utilising the tools available for your progression – focus on the positives that can be created from AI, as there are many and in the right hands and used correctly, it can be a wonderful tool”.Gav Pauze, Pauzeradio

If you are a radio or podcast host and want Gav Pauze to appear on your show, then get in touch to discuss and arrange.

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Creatives With AI Podcast feat. Gav Pauze Press Release by Gav Pauze / Pauzeradio PR Services (14th January 2024)

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