Yaadcore Biography


Yaadcore Biography:

Early Life
Yaadcore, born Rory Cha, is a Jamaican reggae artist and selector (DJ) renowned for his contributions to the reggae and dub scenes. He was born in 1989. Growing up in Mandeville, Manchester in Jamaica, Yaadcore was immersed in the vibrant sounds of reggae from an early age, influenced by the likes of Bob Marley, Mikey Dread, and Protoje. His father owned and DJ’d on a sound system called Love People International, so from a young age Yaadcore was immersed in the music and culture that comes with it.

Musical Journey
Yaadcore’s journey into music began as a teenager when he started DJing at local parties and events. He quickly garnered attention for his eclectic selection of roots reggae, dub, and dancehall music, earning him a reputation as a skilled selector within Jamaica’s music scene.

In the mid-2000s, Yaadcore became associated with the burgeoning reggae revival movement, which sought to revive the conscious and roots-oriented sound of classic Jamaican reggae. Alongside artists like Chronixx, Protoje, and Kabaka Pyramid, Yaadcore helped to rejuvenate interest in traditional reggae music among younger audiences both in Jamaica and internationally.

Career Highlights
Yaadcore’s career has been marked by numerous milestones and achievements. In 2011, he founded “Reggae Aroma,” a popular event series in Kingston that showcased live performances from emerging reggae artists and provided a platform for established acts to connect with their audience.

In 2014, Yaadcore gained widespread recognition with the launch of his “Riddim Salut” radio show on Irie FM, one of Jamaica’s leading reggae radio stations. The show quickly became a staple for reggae enthusiasts, featuring Yaadcore’s signature blend of conscious lyrics, dub remixes, and rare cuts from reggae’s golden era.

Yaadcore’s influence extended beyond the airwaves with the establishment of his “Dubwise Jamaica” event series in 2015. These events, held in Kingston and other locations across Jamaica, celebrated dub music culture with live performances, sound system showcases, and immersive visual displays.

Philosophy and Activism
Beyond his musical endeavours, Yaadcore is known for his commitment to social and environmental activism. He is an outspoken advocate for cannabis legalisation in Jamaica, citing the plant’s medicinal properties and its cultural significance within the country’s Rastafarian community. Through his music and public appearances, Yaadcore promotes a message of unity, spirituality, and social justice, echoing the themes of resistance and liberation that are central to reggae music.

Collaborations and Projects
Throughout his career, Yaadcore has collaborated with a diverse array of artists, producers, and musicians from Jamaica and around the world. His discography includes collaborations with reggae icons such as Damian Marley, Protoje, and Kabaka Pyramid, as well as international acts like Major Lazer and Chronixx.

In addition to his radio shows and live events, Yaadcore has released several mixtapes and albums showcasing his unique blend of reggae, dub, and dancehall music. His debut album, “No Fenke Fenke,” was released in 2017 to critical acclaim, featuring collaborations with emerging and established artists from Jamaica’s reggae scene.

Legacy and Impact
As of 2024, Yaadcore continues to be a driving force in Jamaica’s reggae music scene, inspiring audiences with his passion for music and his dedication to preserving reggae’s rich cultural heritage. Through his DJ sets, radio shows, and live performances, he continues to champion the timeless sound of roots reggae while pushing the genre forward with innovative collaborations and productions.

Personal Life
Despite his public profile, Yaadcore remains relatively private about his personal life. He is known to maintain a close connection to his roots in Kingston, where he continues to be actively involved in the local music community. Outside of music, Yaadcore is an avid advocate for environmental sustainability and social justice, using his platform to raise awareness about issues affecting Jamaica and the wider world.

Yaadcore’s journey from a young DJ in Kingston to an internationally recognised figure in reggae music exemplifies the enduring power of music to inspire change and foster unity. Through his dedication to preserving Jamaica’s musical heritage and his commitment to social activism, Yaadcore has cemented his legacy as a torchbearer for reggae’s timeless message of love, peace, and unity. As he continues to evolve as an artist and activist, his influence on Jamaica’s cultural landscape and the global reggae community is sure to endure for generations to come.

As a regular feature in the Unique Reggae Mix Show here on Paueradio, Yaadcore’s unique style takes our radio shows to the next level. High-quality production and heartfelt and meaningful lyrics fit in perfectly with our ethos.

We can all take a lot from this inspiring selector and artist, as Yaadcore so very well stated: “Reggae music can never die because of the positive message that it brings. It gives life and mental stability to people worldwide facing oppression and injustice.”

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Yaadcore Biography by Gav Pauze / Pauzeradio PR Services (3 April 2024).

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