Volcano The Lavaman is a new sensation with positive vibrations and he has come to eradicate all dirty lyrics from within the dancehall music industry, Putting forward music with lyrics of upliftment and self preservation, trying to speak out to all nations that we can all come together and live as one as a people.

Born in Portland, Jamaica, Volcano now resides in Birmingham, U.K, his style of positive music with conscious lyrics mixed with his unique vocals all contribute to this rising Reggae artists experience that he brings to you the listeners, the absorbers of messages.

Volcano has been writing, singing and performing for many years now and still continues to grace stages with the same energy as from when he first started. It’s clear that music is his passion, music is his life and music means so much to him and when you hear his sound, that will be firmly implanted into your soul.

His catalogue is proof that music has always been in his soul, Volcano is now ready to erupt with full force, like a lava Tsunami, you are bound to relate to his music and pace of performance. With hits like “Trod On” and “Gun Play” there is no doubt that this artist sings from his heart with a lot of soul and conviction.

There is much more on the cards for this veteran artist and he loves meeting his fans, radio DJ that spin his music and interacting with other artists, such as Beres Hammond, a legend in his own right. What many do not realise is, that since the first note sung by Volcano, its been a non stop forwards journey and he continues to grow with the same passion and style from when he first blessed the mic. Music is life and life is music, that is why our hearts “beat” and Volcano is bound to set your heart beat beating faster than you have ever experienced before….

If you have not heard Volcano yet, what are you waiting for?

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