Utan Green

Utan Green, affectionately regarded as “the humble one” by his peers in the reggae fraternity, Utan Green is a rising star of unlimited proportions. In the Waterhouse neighbourhood of Kingston, Jamaica, Utan showed a remarkable love and talent for music in his early childhood years, encouraged strongly by his mother. Influenced by Bob Marley and Jacob Miller, young Utan set out to pursue a career in music.

Utan Green’s start in the reggae business was in a group called The Invaders, comprised of Utan and his brother and sister. Ian Carlos of Black Uhuru produced the group’s first recordings Cry of a poor man and Down in the ghetto. The Invaders performed around the community and were well-received by the people. The group broke up when Utan’s sister migrated to the United States, thus launching Utan on a solo career.

In 1979, Utan relocated to Manchester and became a regular performer with the legendary sound system Destiny Outernational, alongside artists such as Garnett Silk, Kulcha Knox, Everton Blender, Yasus Afaris, Tony Rebel and Deuteronomy. After many years performing live on various sound systems and community concerts, Utan began recording his songs. His earliest recordings included I’ll be there on the Rhythm Track label and Oh no on the Good Stuff label.

In the mid eighties, the time had come for Utan to head back to Kingston to aggressively pursue his musical career, garnering his first notable hit Cyaan tek Utan has been working for various labels, releasing a slew of singles throughout the nineties including, The poor cyaan tek it no more from the Star Trail label, Victory to be won from Roof International and Man of love for Flames Productions. He also released the songs Jah for now and forever released by the Senya Cum label, Falcon crest woman through Christian Sougalis and, more recently Answer to all jah’s questions from the Kariang label. Rivers of reality is featured on the Essence compilation released by Empire Production, and is also the title track of his recent solo album.

Utan Green has had the opportunity to tour throughout the Caribbean, the United States, Europe and Africa. His extensive travels have given him international recognition and the will to continue to spread love and truth throughout the world.

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