The Lambsbread

Formed in 2003 on the mystical island of Kauai, The Lambsbread are one of the foundational roots reggae artists’ of Hawaii. Delivering a positive message of love & unity, The Lambsbread is well know around the world for their conscious message and hard roots riddims.

When Kaya and Nadia first met on the island of Kauai, they knew they had a long life of music together. Living together on the island, writing music, and studying the teachings of His Majesty, the Lambsbread penned their first single “Love in the House” (2003 Zion High Productions).

After sending out their demo to several promoters on the US West Coast, The Lambsbread was invited to perform at the Renegade Reggae Festival in Mount Shasta, California. Other stops on the tour included Washington, Oregon, Santa Barbra, and San Diego where they met Zion High producers Elliot Lieb, and David “Jah D” Goldfine.

After building a musical vibes, The Lambsbread and Jah D did a studio session in San Diego, and recorded the majority of the tunes for their first album “Sing Praise” as well as the hit single “Love In The House” on the Liberation Riddim. The single was released on 45 in Jamaica along with tunes from Capleton, Yami Bolo, Turbulence, Lutan Fyah, and Jahdan Blackkamore. This was the first time an artist from Hawaii was ever released on Jamaican vinyl. The tune was a hit and ended up on radio shows, and sound systems around the world, giving them their first international exposure. At home in Hawaii the tune busted on local radio stations, and The Lambsbread filmed a video for the song on their home island Kauai. The video went viral and received over 500,000 views sending them on several more tours across Hawaii and the West Coast. On one of these tours they met veteran reggae artists Prezident Brown.

Continuing their works with Zion High, The Lambsbread recorded the hit song “Mountain Top” ft Prezident Brown. This tune also ended up on 45 coming out of Jamaica on the Red Razor Riddim from the Lustre Kings label. The tune once again circulated on sound systems, and radio stations around the world establishing The Lambsbread as a powerful voice in reggae music.

Through their connection with Lustre Kings producer Andrew “Moon” Bain, artists like Lutan Fyah, and Ras Attitude made their way to Kauai to perform. Linking with these Rastafari bredren The Lambsbread recorded tunes like “Struggle” ft Lutan Fyah, and “Teach Dem” ft Ras Attitude. These tunes ended up on one of The Lambsbread’s most popular albums “Salvation” (2006 Adin-nin Records), featuring more productions from Jah D and Moon.

Following the album The Lambsbread did a CD release tour across the Hawaiian islands that included Prezident Brown, Ras Attitude, Arkaingelle, and was backed by an all star band featuring Moon from Lustre Kings on guitar, Zion High producer Jah D on bass, Nick Fantastic on keyboards (Hard Times Riddim), and Wadi Gad on drums longtime drummer for Don Carlos. The tour was put together by there sistren Jahnan Derso and included shows on Kauai and the other main Hawaiian islands. This kicked of two more years of touring the West Coast, and the Hawaiian islands. Through all this touring Kaya & Nadia managed to raise a family of 4 beautiful children on Kauai, sometimes taking them on their tours along the West Coast.

Their next album “Rise” was recorded on one of these runs through CA. Now well established in San Diego The Lambsbread was offered unlimited studio time in a multimillion studio in Lemon Grove. The whole Lambsbread family lived in the studio and over the next four months “Rise” was recorded by Engineer/Producer Andrew Mencher (Wisdom & Sound) meanwhile The Lambsbread was touring relentlessly playing 3 to 4 nights a week in San Diego, Santa Barbra, LA, San Luis Obispo, and Ocean Beach. During that year they performed many times at the legendary World Beat Center performing on shows like Haile Selassie I Earthstrong celebration, Peter Tosh Day, and Marcus Garvey Day for Makeda Dread. The following year she also brought The Lambsbread for Earth Day in Balboa Park, one of the biggest Earth Days in the US.

“Rise” featured a collection of different producers that they hadn’t worked with before. Tracks included production from Nelson Miller, Devin Bradshaw, Mikey Assassin, Sherry Rootical, and Jimmy Cui (Rumble Rock Recordz). The tune “Tenshun” Produced by Rootical JA was their first dancehall track and again found The Lambsbread circulating in the Jamaican music scene with artists like Sizzla, I-Wayne, Turbulence, and Perfect Giddimani. This tune led to performances in dancehall’s on the West Coast, like sold out Wild Out Wensdays with Blessed Coast, DJ Irie Dole of Jah Warrior Shelter in San Francisco, and Carlos Culture in San Diego.

Still faithful to their roots reggae fans The Lambsbread started what would become a lasting musical relationship with Jimmy Cui from Rumble Rock Recordz by recording “Jah Will Make A Way” on the Step By Step Riddim. The tune became the first single from roots label Rumble Rock Recordz and was released on limited edition vinyl and featured Messenjah Selah on the B side.

Many doors were beginning to open for The Lambsbread and Oahu became a regular stop for The Lamsbread where they performed to large crowds at venues like Pipeline, Aloha Tower, and the Shack in Waikiki. Their next blessing arrived in the form of an all island tour with Midnite from St. Croix. The tour featured stops stops on all major islands and finished with a sold out show at Hard Rock Cafe on Maui. Also performing on a follow up tour with Ky-Mani Marley, The Lambsbread was ready to get back in the studio, and while in Oahu the Lambsbread recorded the island hit “Right Ting” (2011 Rumble Rock Recordz) that hit the radio on all islands getting heavy rotation in Maui and Kauai. Relocating the family to Maui in 2013, Kaya & Nadia started to work on their latest album “Bring Them Together”.

Over the next two years the songs were carefully crafted in several different studios on Maui and the resulting album is some of The Lambsbread’s best work to date. The album includes the hit single from Jah Youth Productions “Live It Up Again” and a new collaboration with their good friend and mentor, Prezident Brown “Stand Firm” (Rumble Rock Recordz). Both of these tunes also feature a HD video filmed by Zeb Films Hawaii, another tune off the album to gain international notice was the hit “Keep It Blazing” (More Life Productions/VIS Records). “Keep It Blazing” was a hit with the sound systems and The Lambsbread found themselves recording dubplates for selectors in France, UK, and US.

Building a new band this year, two of The their children have stepped up to the musical works. Hawaii’s youngest professional reggae musicians, 16 year old Samuel Levi is holding down the drums with his brother of 12 years, Jacob Selassie on the keyboards. The sound is serious roots with a message of upliftment for the people, with some of the youngest reggae musicians in the business.

2016 has been busy with works to record a brand new album for release in spring of 2017. The album will be self-produced by the Lambsbread family and features top players from the Jamaican music scene, as well as guest appearances from major international artists’.

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