Stephen Dajure – I’m Not A Criminal – Review

Stephen Dajure I’m Not A Criminal Album Review

Just in case you didn’t know anything about Stephen Dajure yet, he became an up rising sensation, perfecting his talent while performing on some small shows around the parish of St Ann in Jamaica. As a recording artist Stephen Dajure’s influences run far and wide from Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Burning Spear, Buju Banton, Sizzla, Garnett Silk, Denis Brown, Beres Hammond, Jah Cure, Michael Jackson, John Mayer and Usher, just to name a few.

The influences from singing legends he has only briefly gives away how talented this artist is and it’s clear to hear in his latest release “I’m Not A Criminal” which is an excellent, smooth flowing, original roots reggae masterpiece and I am sure it will gain a lot of radio play all over the world and especially here on, as the relevance to the collection of songs on this album is fitting for the world we live in today.

Starting off with a nice slow introduction to the album with the track “Mama Africa” we are gifted to the delightful and addictive sounds of Stephens powerful vocals, with a relaxing beat that compliments the vocal range and talent of Stephen Dajure. This song will pull in the listeners and intrigue, grabbing the attention with a positive message of traveling back to the motherland, Africa.

“Almighty Jah” slightly picks up the pace a little with a classic driving roots riddim, the power within this song, not just the beat but the lyrical content too, is very catchy. As well as tapping your foot to the beat, the lyrics will resonate in your mind and have you singing along in no time at all.

One of my favourite tracks from this collection is the title track for the album “I’m Not A Criminal” again moving with a solid roots beat and the vocals so clear and pronounced, helping Stephens message stick not just in your mind but in your soul as well. This is bound to be one of the hits this album will produce, rewind and come again with this one!

After all the attention in the media with the President Of The United States being inaugurated this week. Which makes this song even more relevant and I bet “Donald Trump” featuring Perfect Giddimani, will gain a lot of radio airtime. This song speaks so much facts, a hard hitting message, true and real. Take a listen and learn. The riddim this track sits on is very musical and has a cheeky edge to it, which to me is very fitting for the message being given to us.

Moving on with “One Love” which I feel is a perfectly placed song on this album. I must say, I really love how this one follows from Donald Trump. Again, another solid message, sung to us with conviction and a beautiful harmony to match. One love is the only way forward, listen, learn and convert more love into your life and those around you. Only half way through listening to this album and I already feel empowered and inspired.

Keeping on that sweet roots theme, “Something Right” touches on the subject of the love of a woman. Stephen Dajure silky smooth vocals really stand out and this piece is beautiful from the riddim track, the lyrical content and the performance. A refreshing take on a love song, adorning a sweet reggae beat, created with top class production. This song will touch your soul and give you a smile from inside to out!

“Up And Up” steps up the pace a little more. Catchy chorus and verses again, keeping to the roots themed beats, this cleverly composed vocal gift will draw in your attention more to the message that Stephen is giving to us, an important group of messages, which is a constant theme throughout this album, positive upliftment, assurance, inspiration and most of all, knowledge.

Next up we have “Farm Land” which has consistent flowing lyrics and touches slightly on a different subject about the food we eat and how we should grow our own, a true Rasta message, which to be honest will help you live longer! The care, precision and thought that has gone into this album is second to none! The beat is slightly slower on this one but that only helps us absorb the message being given on a much deeper level.

Another addictive song with “Birds Go Toot” A very reassuring track, very catchy vocal performance and the chorus will resonate just as much as the message being shared. Sitting on a sweet reggae beat, this is a must listen, even though with the title I was a bit dubious as to what this one would sound like before I listened, but I actually love this song, just like I am loving the whole album.

“Rastaman Dread” kicks in with a very powerful intro, then breaks and drops into a speedier riddim track, which makes this song so strong. Again keeping to the roots theme of this album, giving us a great viewpoint from what I feel is told from Stephens experiences with the Rastafarian faith and how others may question another persons faith. This one is catchy but extremely strengthening and gives us a good perspective on Stephen and his positive journey forward.

Rounding off the album with “Jah Live” slightly slows down the pace again but with a beautiful message. Sitting on a very musical roots beat, Jah lives in my heart, in my soul. Again I feel this is another hit from this album, the smooth, catchy vocals with meaning and purpose speaks out about faith and the strength of Jah in life. A top quality produced track with a nice little dubby breakdown near the end.

My summary of this album, that’s quite easy to do as I really like it. One of the main things that stood out is the combination of tracks and the track placement, coupled with Stephens lyrical content, vocals and performance, which I have to rate very highly. From a production point of view, this sets the standards high, in a time when many are cutting down the costs of production, I do not feel that has been the case here, top quality production, crisp, clear and consistent. This is an album that you do not want to sleep on! I would expect it to gain a lot of radio play from all around the world, as this release is what roots reggae is all about. Reviewed by Gav Pauze.

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