Sizzla Fought For Dis Press Release

Sizzla – Fought For Dis – Press Release

Sizzla Fought For Dis Press Release

Sizzla Kalonji comes back with a brand new album “Fought for Dis” produced by the famous label AL.TA.FA.AN.

Composed of 10 tracks, this opus brings together unreleased singles as well as titles already released like the big combination “Don’t Worry” with Gentlemen & Mark Wonder which already meets a great success around the world.

This album is the fruit of a real collaboration between the producer Anthony Senior and Sizzla himself for a decade which gives this album a special touch.

On this opus many featuring with prestigious artists such as the American rapper M1 Dead Prez on the song “Freedom”, Capleton and the new sensation Vershon on the title “Happy For You”, Gentlemen and Mark Wonder on the hit “Don’t Worry’ whose video has been seen more than 4.6 million times. Also noted the collaboration of artists Nakeisha on the title “Take My Breath” and Sugar Cane on the title “Jamaica”.

On the composition side, the AL.TA.FA.AN label has made use of renowned musicians such as Fire House Crew, Live Wyah Band and Dean Fraser to name only the best known. The mixes were made by Soljie Hamilton, Barry O’Hare, Peter ‘Crucial P’ Piessen, Fernando Machado Cardoso.

For sure, this album will mark the career of Sizzla as one of the major projects of the year 2017.

A date to remember: Sizzla Fought For Dis Official release June 16 2017!

Sizzla in few words

Sizzla is the most talented reggae singer of his generation. Rare and controversial artist, his unique voice spread the message of all the 90’s and 2000’s generation to the world, with a strong energy and an unequalled inspiration, which will push him to release about 80 albums in his career.

A Great International reggae icon, in perpetual production and innovation, he is always in resonance with his time. Today he’s an inevitable artist who’s never stopped surprising his fans all over the world during his career, and he’s not gonna stop yet.

Born from Rasta parents who were living in the August Town community in Jamaica, he spent his childhood during the dancehall explosion of the 80’s. The young Sizzla started his career in Sound System School, before the next step, and the meeting with Bobby Digital and Fatis Burrel, who pushed him as N°1 Artist in Jamaica with albums like “Praise Ye Jah” and “Black Woman & Child”, which are still today some of the most inevitable worldwide reference of reggae and dancehall albums.

During the 2000’s, he never stopped to release albums, between worldwide tours, controversies and crazy rumours, but the fans are still there and Sizzla’s vocal talent is still undeniable, that’s why he’s always the leader of his generation and a pillar in reggae culture.

Sizzla Fought For Dis Press Release

Sizzla Fought For Dis Press Release
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