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Summer Reggae Riddim Train – #274

Summer Reggae Riddim Train, DJ Pauze & the Unique Reggae Mix Show feat. music from Eloquent, Sizzla, Firestar, Tarrus Riley, Yami Bolo, Mikey General, Kayla Bliss, Half Pint & many more.

  • Part 1 00:00
  • Part 2 00:00
  • Part 3 00:00
  • Part 4 00:00

Part One

1.Light & Shadow version – Light & Shadow riddim
2.Sizzla – Informer – Light & Shadow riddim
3.Joggo – Dem Try – Light & Shadow riddim
4.Keke I – Pressure – Light & Shadow riddim
5.Keke I – Dem Nuh Care – Hard Bread riddim
6.Keke I – Marijuana Tek Over – Morning Footing riddim
7.Jah Fuzzy – Wicked Man – Morning Footing riddim
8.Eloquent – Heartbeat – Morning Footing riddim
9.Eloquent – Grandma Cry – DST riddim
10.Morgan Heritage – Headline – DST riddim
11.Fantan Mojah – Stay Positive – DST riddim
12.I-Wayne – More Herbs – DST riddim
13.I-Wayne – Burn Disgrace Higher Level – Cruising Altitude riddim
14.Harmony – Just One Of Those – Cruising Altitude riddim
15.Firestar – Reason – Cruising Altitude riddim
16.Spectacular – Show Some Love – Cruising Altitude riddim
17.Spectacular – Inna This Time – Cultura riddim
18.Anthony Que – In This Yah Time – Cultura riddim
19.Linval Thompson – Know Your Rights – Cultura riddim
20.John Mouse – Corner Stone – Cultura riddim
21.Jah Mali – Selecta Man – Cultura riddim
22.Jah Mali – Blood Thirsty – Possessed riddim
23.Million Stylez – Cool Down – Possessed riddim
24.Tarrus Riley – Possessed – Possessed riddim

Part Two

25.The Mighty Diamonds – Evening News – Evening News riddim
26.Thriller feat Sizzla & Brig. Jerry – Bring The Sensi Come – Evening News riddim
27.Pinchers – Ancients Of Days – Evening News riddim
28.Pinchers – Stop Investing In Crime – Get Over riddim
29.Capleton – Babylon Go Down – Get Down riddim
30.Everton Blender – False King Pharaoh – Get Down riddim
31.Half Pint – Time To Win – Get Down riddim
32.Half Pint – Another Day – Happy Trod riddim
33.Fyah George – Thank You Jah – Happy Trod riddim
34.Mikey General – Bad Like Yass – Happy Trod riddim
35.Lutan Fyah – Crazy World – Happy Trod riddim
36.Lutan Fyah – Trodding Alone – Show Love riddim
37.Army – Turn Up The Heat – Show Love riddim
38.Batch – Righteously Striving – Show Love riddim
39.Niyorah – Biggest Thugs – Show Love riddim
40.Niyorah – We Shall See – Rastar riddim
41.Midnite – Gi Dem – Rastar riddim
42.Army – Avoid Dem Bloodstain – Rastar riddim
43.Yami Bolo – Cut Dem Off – Rastar riddim
44.Yami Bolo – Wars And Revolution – Fortune Teller riddim
45.Lutan Fyah – No More War – Fortune Teller riddim
46.Norrisman – Thunderous Sounds – Fortune Teller riddim
47.Jah Mason – Caring – Fortune Teller riddim

Part Three

48.Lutan Fyah feat Jah Thunder & Lymie Murray – Life – Celestial riddim
49.Marshel – New World Order – Celestial riddim
50.Capleton – I Rise – Celestial riddim
51.Lymie Murray – A Better Life – Celestial riddim
52.Lymie Murray – Come A Long Way – Entitlement riddim
53.Prezident Brown – Dramatic Mood – Entitlement riddim
54.Mikey General – Dem Nuh Know – Entitlement riddim
55.Mikey General – Something Haffi Gwaan – Six String Cutlass riddim
56.Cali P – Cant Hold I — Six String Cutlass riddim
57.Jesse Royal – Hotter The Battle – Six String Cutlass riddim
58.Kayla Bliss – Tears Of A Soldier – Six String Cutlass riddim
59.Kayla Bliss – Rock N Sway – Rock N Sway riddim
60.Bunny Brown – Don’t Bother Trouble – Rock N Sway riddim
61.Snatcha Lion – Ego – Rock N Sway riddim
62.Snatcha Lion – Oh Mama – Mind Me Off riddim
63.Chuck Fenda – Rise Up My People – Mind Me Off riddim
64.Richie Spice – Mind Offa Me – Mind Me Off riddim
65.Pliers – All Is Well – Mind Me Off riddim
66.Pliers – Pie In The Sky – Kingfish riddim
67.Glen Washington – Love For Jah – Kingfish riddim
68.Richie Spice – World Gone Crazy – Kingfish riddim
69.Steele – Overcome It All – Kingfish riddim

Part Four

70.Dubiterian – Dub Pipe – Dub Pipe riddim
71.Ras McBean – Trodding – Dub Pipe riddim
72.Spectacular – Heart Is Willing – Dub Pipe riddim
73.Mark Wonder – Thats Right – Dub Pipe riddim
74.Mark Wonder – Irie – Heavy Load riddim
75.Dubiterian – Heavy Dub – Heavy Load riddim
76.Ras Should I – Time Out – Heavy Load riddim
77.Fitta Wari – Take Me Away – Heavy Load riddim
78.Fitta Wari – Burn Dem Down – Dub For Life riddim
79.Dubiterian – Dub For Life – Dub For Life riddim
80.Naptali – Peace, Love & Unity – Dub For Life riddim
81.Naptali & Ras Muhammed – Farmer Man – Reggae Ville riddim
82.Ray Darwin – Father – Reggae Ville riddim
83.Iba Mahr – My Day – Reggae Ville riddim
84.Mark Wonder – The World Needs Love – Reggae Ville riddim
85.Mark Wonder – Voices Crying – Humanity Vol 1
86.Bobo Desert – Caan Tek De Fire – Humanity Vol 1
87.Walter Saw – Hail Jah – Humanity Vol 1
88.Half Pint – Bread Winner – Humanity Vol 1
89.Half Pint – So Many Lovers – Vanity riddim
90.Richie Stephens – Conference Table – Vanity riddim
91.Leroy Smart – Calling Calling – Vanity riddim
92.Shabba Ranks – When You’re Up – Vanity riddim

Jingles/drops from

Pressure, Stephanie, GoldenChyle, Sheppard, Kashief Lindo, Capleton, Kris Kelli, Christopher Martin, Uwe Banton, Bigga Haitian, Junior Murvin, Percydread Natural-Ites, Shalli, Romain Virgo, Phillysia, Alpheus, Cecile, Hopeton Lindo, Ras Brando, Queen Ifrica, Avaran, Prezident Brown, Cornadoor, Luciano, John Mouse, Nikesha Lindo, Marsha Morrison, Lisa Bennet, Kali Blaxx, Mark Wonder, Soundkillaz, Mikey General, Wayne Wonder, Singing Melody.

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