Free Reggae Download Summer 2010 – #184

Free Reggae Download Summer 2010, DJ Pauze & the Unique Reggae Mix Show feat. music from Horace Andy, Alaine, Elijah Prophet & many more.

  • Part 1 00:00
  • Part 2 00:00
  • Part 3 00:00
  • Part 4 00:00

Part One

1.Horace Andy – Rude Boy – Love Bump riddim
2.Frankie Paul – Stuck On You – Love Bump riddim
3.Kashief Lindo – Your Just Right – Love Bump riddim
4.Wayne Wade – I Love You Too Much – Love Bump riddim
5.Tinga Stewart – Inside My Heart – Love Bump riddim
6.Jah Mason – Black Woman – Baba Boom riddim
7.George Nooks & Danny English – Pack Up – Baba Boom riddim
8.Bushman – Jail House – Baba Boom riddim
9.Admiral Bailey – No More Shot – Baba Boom riddim
10.Johnny Osbourne – Buddy Bye – Sleng Teng riddim
11.Wayne Smith – Under Me Sleng Teng – Sleng Teng riddim
12.Sugar Minott – Jam In The Streets – Sleng Teng riddim
13.Sizzla & Garnett Silk – Sleng Teng riddim
14.Garnett Silk – Splashing Dashing – Death In The Arena riddim
15.Nadine Sutherland – Baby FAce – Death In The Arena riddim
16.Lukie D – Centre Of Attraction – Death In The Arena riddim
17.Half Pint – Sweet Memories – Rolling riddim
18.Tanya Stephens – Whats Your Story – Rolling riddim
19.Natural Black – Beautiful Morning – Rolling riddim
20.Tony Curtis – Rolling – Rolling riddim

Part Two

21.Jah Fari – Love Life – Ever Bless riddim
22.Leaf A Life – Run Down Deh – Ever Bless riddim
23.Natty King – Dem A Murderer – Ever Bless riddim
24.Fantan Mojah & Mr Mercy – No Mercy – Ever Bless riddim
25.Fantan Mojah & Jah Cure – Nuh Build Great Man – Sweet Sop riddim
26.Jah Mason – Sweet Sop – Sweet Sop riddim
27.Turbulence – Don’t Give Up The Fight – Sweet Sop riddim
28.Fantan Mojah – Will I See You Again – Sweet Sop riddim
29.Alaine – Giving It All To You- Sweet Sop riddim
30.Alaine – We Rising Up – Guardian Angel riddim
31.Richie Spice – Its A Cycle – Guardian Angel riddim
32.Kris Kelli – Missing You – Guardian Angel riddim
33.Spanner Banner – Solid As A Rock – Guardian Angel riddim
34.Turbulence – Jah Is Love – Jah Is Love riddim
35.Sizzla – As a Friend – Jah Is Love riddim
36.Abijah – Keep Outta Babylon Way – Jah Is Love riddim
37.Chezidek – Night Turn Day – Jah Is Love riddim
38.Chezidek – I & I
39.Morgan Heritage – Life To The Fullest – Caribbean riddim
40.Luciano – Always Around – Caribbean riddim
41.Sojah – Pretty Land – Caribbean riddim
42.Elijah Prophet – Piece Of Ganja – Caribbean riddim

Part Three

43.Chezidek – Chant For Life – Cruising Altitude riddim
44.I-Wayne – Burn Disgrace – Cruising Altitude riddim
45.Lutan Fyah – Is This The Way – Cruising Altitude riddim
46.Harmony – Just One Of Those – Cruising Altitude riddim
47.Firestar and Fyahkin – Give Ises – Cruising Altitude riddim
48.Firestar feat. Ayoki-I – Stop – Grass Roots riddim
49.Gyptian – One And Only – Grass Roots riddim
50.Isemaj – Keep It Flowing – Grass Roots riddim
51.I-Wayne – No Unnecessary War – Grass Roots riddim
52.Singing Melody – Too Much Blood A Run – Dark Cloud riddim
53.Jah Selah – Babylon Laws – Dark Cloud riddim
54.Geoffrey Star & Wild Life – Free Up Your Mind – Glorious riddim
55.Bongo Chilli – Like It – Glorious riddim
56.Lutan Fyah – Cant Stop The Fire – Glorious riddim
57.Ras McBean – Dem Fight It – Glorious riddim
58.Spectacular – Dem Getta Beaten – Glorious riddim
59.Anthony B – Road Of Life – Overstand riddim
60.Norrisman – My Only Friend – Overstand riddim
61.Khari Kill – Lose Your Soul – Overstand riddim
62.Ginjah – Fighting For Power – Overstand riddim
63.Fantan Mojah feat. I Ford – Jah Jah Your The One – Overstand riddim

Part Four

64.Deva Bratt – Hard Out There – Slaata riddim
65.Ico Flamez – You Make I Stronger – Slaata riddim
66.I-Sasha – Senorita – Slaata riddim
67.Gyptian – She’s My Lady – Slaata riddim
68.Mystic Routes – Royal Woman – High Horse riddim
69.I Lions – Free – High Horse riddim
70.Omari – Live Up – High Horse riddim
71.Fantan Mojah – Nuh Easy – High Horse riddim
72.Lutan Fyah – Love – High Horse riddim
73.Lutan Fyah – Circumstances – Nice Vibes riddim
74.Chezidek – Cant Run – Nice Vibes – riddim
75.Zareb – Oh Jah – Nice Vibes riddim
76.Abijah – Seek Rastafari Love – Red Razor riddim
77.Bitter Roots – Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing – Red Razor riddim
78.Prezident Brown & The Lambsbread – Mountain Top – Red Razor riddim
79.Natty King – Show Love – Red Razor riddim
80.Natty King – Sel Out – Vitamin riddim
81.Anthony John – Meditation Spree – Vitamin riddim
82.Jah Marnyah – Evilous Ways – Vitamin riddim
83.Wild Life – Dem A Fight – Vitamin riddim

Jingles/drops from

Jah Turban, Bigga Haitian, Shalli, Stephanie, Soundkillaz, Hopeton Lindo, M-Don, Tony Roots, Carol Ellis, Kris Kelli, Nikesha Lindo, Elijah Prophet, Sheppard, Pressure, Wayne Wonder, Eljai, Jah Medi, Alison Hinds, Phillysia Ross, Spanner Banner, Cornadoor, Khargo, Kali Blaxx, Cherine Anderson, Avaran, RedX, Marsha Morrison, Cocoa Tea, Senata, Peetah Morgan, Chaddy Royal, Chris Martin, Sugar Roy, Brando, Bushman, King Soloman.

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