2011 Pre-Release Reggae – #238

2011 Pre-Release Reggae DJ Pauze & the Unique Reggae Mix Show feat. music from Percydread, Delly Ranx, Capleton, Torch, Luciano, Mykal Rose, Gyptian, Jah Nyne & many more.

  • Part 1 00:00
  • Part 2 00:00
  • Part 3 00:00
  • Part 4 00:00

Part One

1.Richie Spice – Crying For Love – One To One riddim
2.Ras Shiloh – Free The People – One To One riddim
3.Luciano – Get Down On It – One To One riddim
4.Luciano – No One – Upfull Ways riddim
5.Jah Mason – Live Real – Upfull Ways riddim
6.Capleton – Fire Affi Burn – Upfull Ways riddim
7.Capleton – Small World – Hardtimes riddim
8.Luciano – Silver & Gold – Hardtimes riddim
9.George Nooks – Trouble In Heart – Hardtimes riddim
10.George Nooks – The Next Time – Marathon Man riddim
11.Bushman – Tribal War – Marathon Man riddim
12.Mykal Rose – Woe Unto Those – Marathon Man riddim
13.Mykal Rose – Trample The Dragon – Locks A Flow riddim
14.Everton Blender – Babylon Get A Blow – Locks A Flow riddim
15.Luciano – God Is Greater Than Man – Locks A Flow riddim
16.Norrisman – We Are The Future – Rebellion riddim
17.Mr Bertus – Reckless Life – Rebellion riddim
18.Gyptian – Beautiful Lady – Rebellion riddim

Part Two

19.Jah Mason – Babylon Rise We A Fall – Sufferah riddim
20.Norrisman – Take The Message Of Jah – Sufferah riddim
21.Little Devon – Burnin Hot – Sufferah riddim
22.Sizzla – Watch Over Me – Rootal riddim
23.Patri – Life – Rootal riddim
24.Mykal Rose – Abc – Rootal riddim
25.Mykal Rose – Never Let Babylon Fool You – Billy Jean riddim
26.Mikey Melody – Stand Up & Chant – Billy Jean riddim
27.Murray Man – Break Dem Barriers – Billy Jean riddim
28.Murray Man – Rastafari – Clean riddim
29.Mykal Rose – Never Run Away – Clean riddim
30.Rod Taylor – Clean Life – Clean riddim
31.Lutan Fyah – Moving Fire – Obama riddim
32.Blessed – Jah Lift Me Up – Obama riddim
33.Gyptian – Solution – Obama riddim
34.Gyptian – Eyes On The Prize – Ital Jockey riddim
35.Capleton – Nah Tek – Ital Jockey riddim
36.Cocoa Tea – Inside Out – Ital Jockey riddim

Part Three

37.Nikesha Lindo – You Make Me Believe – Conversation riddim
38.Sugar Roy & Conrad Crystal – Love Overdue
39.Jesse Royal – One Eye Open – Danger In Your Face riddim
40.Sizzla – Whats Wrong With The Picture – Danger In Your Face riddim
41.Kayla Bliss – Everything – Danger In Your Face riddim
42.Errol Bonnick – More Than Friends
43.Errol Bonnick – Never Met A Woman Like This
44.Errol Bonnick – Love Ballad
45.Live Wyya – Love Fire
46.Taddy P & Bunny Rugs – Monday Morning Blues
47.Zebulun – Every Day – Clover riddim
48.Izac King – Real Love – Clover riddim
49.Ras Pilot – Stand Firm – Clover riddim
50.Y.T – Express Yourself – Express Yourself riddim
51.Solo Banton – No Way – Express Yourself riddim
52.Deadly Hunta – No Joy – Express Yourself riddim

Part Four

53.Visionary – Wolf In Sheeps Clothing
54.Asante Amen – Mek Mi Rich
55.Prezident Brown – Easy Does It
56.Live Wyya – Superior
57.Ras Myrdak – Cannabis
58.Prezident Brown – Mediation
59.Ras Ijah – Stepping Stone – Keep It Clean riddim
60.Jah Nyne – Zion I – Keep It Clean riddim
61.Jah Nyne – Jah Bless Us
62.Papa Biggy – Take Me Home
63.Live Wyya – Steppin
64.Fantan Mojah – Mama Heng On – Soul Emotion riddim
65.Bugle – Life Mi A Deal Wid – Soul Emotion riddim
66.Delly Ranx – Fyah Haffi Blaze – Higha Trod riddim
67.Percydread – Inna Real Time – Higha Trod riddim
68.Faithful – We Can Make It – Higha Trod riddim
69.Torch – Here With Me – Higha Trod riddim

Jingles/drops from

Capleton, Stephanie, Sheppard, Shalli, Bigga Haitian, Chaddy Royal, GoldenChyle, Hopeton Lindo, Wayne Wonder, Marsha Morrison, Queen Ifrica, Uwe Banton, Chanter, Soundkillaz, Christopher Martin, Cherine Anderson, Romain Virgo, M-Don, Phillysia, Nikesha Lindo, Fragga Ranks, Alpheus, Pressure, Kris Kelli, Natural Black, MasSicker, Carol Ellis, Cecile, Peetah Morgan, Eljai, Asante Amen, Ras Brando, Deadly Hunta, RedX, Lion Fiyah, Elijah Prophet, Benz, Alison Hinds.

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