Perfect Giddimani – Journey Of 1000 Miles – Review

Perfect Giddimani is a regular and popular feature in the Unique Reggae Mix Show, since the show started in 2006. So when I was sent this new Album, Journey Of 1000 Miles, my expectations from this artist where already high and I knew that I was in for a musical treat.

As I pressed play on the first song on the album, which is the title track “Journey Of 1000 Miles” I could tell that this album was going to be to the same top standards of the previous releases from Perfect.  My first opinion upon hearing the first song was that; “this is just what Reggae needs right now” A Positive, uplifting artist with a very unique and dynamic vocal skill. From the first track in I could tell that again this artist is giving us an album that really is setting standards for other artists and producers to follow.

“Roots For Me” has been featured already in the Unique Reggae Mix Show and received a really good response from the listeners. This song makes the hairs on your arms and neck back stand up, a sure sign of a big tune.

A solid favourite of this release for me is “One Week” This song stands out not only by the lyrical content, the adventurous in-tune singing without any audible auto tune all over it and the lively riddim used makes for a “perfect” combination resulting with another huge song delivered with strength and power from the heart.

“Rain Fall” allows us to hear a smoother and softer side to Perfects sound, letting us witness the true dynamics to who I think is one of the most consistent Reggae artists of 2012.

If I was to do a chart countdown on this album the top three songs to me would be:

  1. One Week
  2. Journey of A Thousand Miles
  3. Roots For Me

This is going by the flavour I have with the Unique Reggae Mix Show. Even though its hard to pick a top three with so many good songs and you may have a different top three as this album is versatile with Roots, Reggae, Dancehall and a bit of Hip Hop, hitting all spectrums of Reggae and more. Setting the standards with great lyrical content and very well produced beats, it really does cater for everyone. It’s refreshing to hear this, the quality is of highest standard and it is a must for any Reggae fan/Lover. I would say that it is also in my top three albums of this year too.

Rounding up the album in a sentence I would say its solid, clean, uplifting and spiritually good quality Reggae music. The industry needs to listen and live by these standards.

Written by Gav Pauze 01/10/2012

Perfect Giddimani CD

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