Perfect Giddimani Anthony B T.G.I.F Ijumaa Press Release

Perfect Giddimani & Anthony B – T.G.I.F – Press Release

Press release: Perfect Giddimani and Anthony B remind us to celebrate every Friday with their new Amapiano summer smash; out via digital release on 11 June 2021 by Mr Topple / Pauzeradio Pr Services.

Two legendary artists, Perfect Giddimani and Anthony B, have teamed up for a new track which is set to dominate the airwaves this summer. But the fresh anthem is unique. Because instead of following a Reggae or Dancehall path, for their inspiration the artists have honed in on a genre of South African music that’s blowing up.

T.G.I.F is set to be released on streaming sites via Giddimani Records on 11 June. This Amapiano-inspired track is the first single taken from Giddimani’s upcoming (and as yet untitled) EP; expected later this year. Amapiano is a style of music that emerged in South Africa in 2012. It’s grown in popularity across the world and is touted by many as being the sound of summer 2021. The track also comes with an additional B-side – the rich and potent Ijumaa from Giddimani.

“T.G.I.F sees Perfect Giddimani and Anthony B turn into the dream team of uplifting, feel-good summer anthems. Their honing-in on the Amapiano genre is a genius move. Because it makes T.G.I.F fresh and inventive; the use of horns juxtaposed with the deep, resonant bassline is particularly pleasing and totally Amapiano. Both artists are at the peak of their vocal powers and overall, T.G.I.F should, and needs to, be an instant smash”Mr Topple for Pauzeradio

The track uses Amapiano as its roots perfectly. Notice the House-like four-to-the-floor dominant beat; those dreamy synth pads and sounds; the more traditional percussion across syncopated rhythms; the flowing string line, those regal horns and the winding melodic bass. T.G.I.F has captured this carefree, old-meets-new genre perfectly. And the track’s central message – that despite our struggles it’s OK to forget them for a while – also draws on Amapiano traditions.

Giddimani said that T.G.I.F’s Amapiano origins were inspired by the Motherland:

“I got inspired by my brothers and sisters from the continent, that are the front runners for this style of music. Home or abroad, as Africans we share the same rhythm and fundamentals. It’s only natural that I got hooked as these sounds are deeply rooted in my DNA.

If you want to feel upbeat happy and add a pep to your step – turn that frown upside down with this feel good happy song that brings everyone to the dance floor”.

T.G.I.F is sure to be a massive hit. And Giddimani and Anthony B have also helped bring Amapiano music to whole new audience.

Stream or download T.G.I.F here

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Perfect Giddimani & Anthony B T.G.I.F Press Release by Mr Topple / Pauzeradio PR Services (11th June 2021).

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