Clayton Brown, more popularly known as Peppery, is arguably, currently one of the most underrated artists in the Reggae/Dancehall industry with plenty of big tunes under his belt.

Though he hails from the Wire Fence district in Trelawny, Jamaica, he is now, and has been based in Manchester in the United Kingdom for many years. Clayton grew up with his parents, 3 brothers and 1 sister. Being the youngest in the family, he was never discouraged when he began to display an interest in the entertainment industry. This was especially because his mother was always singing around the house and his father had a passion for music. According to Clayton, almost everyone around him, at the time, was either a singer or a chanter, so his transition into music felt natural. When he first began however, he initially started out copying other artists before learning to create his own lyrics.

The interesting story behind the name Peppery began way back when he was attending the Holmwood Technical High School in Manchester, Jamaica. His nickname back then was Chilli. He later added Bongo to it because of his love for the Rastafarian way of life. Up until around 2010, all the songs that he had released bare the moniker Bongo Chilli. He was only using Peppery as a slogan, but to his surprise, people started calling him Peppery, thinking that was his actual artist name. He even remembers recording a track for a producer and labelling the files as Bongo Chilli but when the producer released the record, it had Peppery as the artist. It seemed as if the name Peppery was inevitably his, so he adopted it and never looked back.

Once he became a man and made the conscious decision to pursue a career as a recording artist, Peppery began putting in a lot of work to advance his music career. Over the years he has released several singles and has been featured on many compilations.

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