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Do you have Reggae music submissions that you would like to be considered for airplay?

We do not promote/play modern Dancehall. Our focus is on Roots & Culture and positive upliftment/education. Under no circumstance will we change what we do, just to promote your Dancehall riddim.

Due to an overwhelming increase in demand to be featured! If you want featuring in the Unique Reggae Mix Show ( Then read these 5 steps below. If your music does not fit to the flow of the show the music will not be featured.**please note** Music that is not mastered will not be featured under any circumstances! We wont cut the quality of the shows just because you cut down on costs!

Make sure you donate to help towards the running costs of the Radio show and website, we rely on your donations to keep your music in rotation and heard. Donate via the donate button at the top of the pages.

1.Reggae Music your submitting must be Reggae Roots/Lovers, preferably riddims made by a live band and the singer must sing and not have auto tune all over it. We are strict with what we feature. We will not play any dancehall, slack content or songs plastered with auto tune. If you are unsure then have a listen to the show via the show button in the main navigation bar.

2.Create a jingle and dubplate to feature with your music.
Here is the jingle information:
“DJ Pause and the Unique Reggae Mix Show”
“DJ Pause More Music Less Talking”

One dub and jingle does not guarantee being featured every single show but the shows you are featured in can be streamed from anytime from a desktop/laptop or mobile phone.

3.Contact us either on Facebook or via email for a reasoning to agree a feature and get our direct music submission email details. All music submissions should be sent in a zip folder, via skype or a download link, not a link to purchase the music! Thats insulting!

4.It helps if you have a song on a riddim with other artists on that riddim. If you don’t have that then ask us for a brand new riddim version that you then can record a dubplate for the “Unique Reggae Mix Show” on!

5.Once your music is featured in the Unique Reggae Mix Show, then share the link to that show with your family, friends and fans, The shows are in the archive on the website and can be promoted anytime. Do not constantly beg or harass us, talk to us like you would your mother or father! If you do hassle, We will avoid you as nobody likes being hassled constantly!

Your music will only be featured if it fits in with the flow of the shows. There is no guarantee that we will get to feature you in the space of a day or a week of your music submission but if it’s been agreed you will be featured, the shows are planned and organised as to achieve maximum quality for the listeners.

Artists/Producers when submitting music and jingles for the radio shows make sure the music is completed to the highest quality. When sending music the MP3′s should be a minimum of 192kbps and jingles must be recorded in a studio. We will not play any poor quality jingles or half finished songs, compromising the overall quality of the show, please remember this. Thanks in advance.

Jingle information:
“DJ Pause and the Unique Reggae Mix Show”
“DJ Pause More Music, Less Talking”

Feel free to comment on here or even drop us an email in the “contact us” section.

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