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Menny More – On Air Live – Review

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Menny More has been a regular feature in the Unique Reggae Mix radio show on for many years and has a unique style. His vocals are consistent and unlike any other artist on the circuit. This latest album from Menny More called “On Air Live” does not disappoint.

Menny More On Air Live starts out with “Last Laugh” sitting on a classic, forward driving riddim track, this song is an ideal taster of the overall feel of the album. Being uptempo but holding tight with a roots feel, pushing across the message of the title of the song of which is he who has the last laugh, cleverly woven into the lyrical flow.

“Count On Me” switches up to a loving feel, again on a classic reggae beat Menny More tells his baby that she can always count on him. From verse to chorus, again this piece is another lyrical masterpiece balanced out using styles that enable reggae to have an everlasting effect, switching from DJ to singjay right through to singer! A versatile track and quite easy to sing along too.

Moving onto “Big Man In Town” Menny More gives us an anthem. One that you will definitely resonate in your mind and soul. This album so far has a feel that is almost reminiscent to the hay day of Dancehall, the 90’s. Keeping the dance nice, whilst making you dance and move around.

“Dread Pass Thru” slows down the tempo a little but is a really catchy number. A sweet musical riddim track, coupled with Menny’s unique vocals and lyrical flow, making for a tight tune all while submitting a true message of rasta teachings and livity to the youths, an up to date track which makes for a powerful message for 2017.

This album is showcasing classic and new riddims with up to the time lyrics, bringing back that feel, as to like I said previously in this review, the early to mid 90’s, something I feel is a reputable thing to produce. “Bad Man” totally reminds me of the feelings I got when listening to reggae back in those times, no need to describe what this song is about as the title describes it. Menny pulls off a deep message and the swing of the beat keeps it musical and sweet.

“Stay From Them” is another anthem and sing along track. Deep, driving bass-line, swinging and consistent vocals, solid production. Again, this track achieves that beautiful, authentic reggae feel to it. Next onto “Men Of Right” As soon as the beat started on this one, I loved it. Slowing down the pace a tiny bit this roots song will catch your attention right away, this is the sort of song I love to play in the Unique Reggae Mix Show. Touching on the subject of men who do right and their reward for doing right. Menny grabs us with his catchy hooks, blended in perfectly with the beat, I think this is one of my favourite tracks from the album so far.

“Will You Be There” is another message for the ladies, I like how Menny switches up his vocals on this one. Showing his diversity and just how clever his musical skills are. The beats a little more simple than previous but what the riddim lacks, the vocals cover and the balance is just right. “Tonight” Keeps us on the lovers tip. Menny telling us that he wants love tonight and he’s feeling right. I think that many of us will relate to this when we find the woman that we feel is right for us, and I am sure that woman could relate to this also, the message is universal.

“Soar” picks up the pace, with a ska feel to it, the two step breach. This tracks is not the sort of song I would choose but it does hold a good message within it. What I do like about this one is the way that Manny More sits on it, adapting, showing us that diversity that he has with his lyrics. Very clever. If I had to pick one track that I was not keen on out of this whole album it would probably be “Shouldn’t Do Me That”. I like the lyrics and delivery, but the riddim track for my ears, I felt was a little weak, which didn’t catch my attention.

Swiftly onto “Never See Me Crying” Now, I really love this track. A solid message, a sweet beat, powerfully delivered vocals and performance. Anyone thats going through a hard time this song is bound to offer strength and enlightenment and a reminder to trust your faith to get by. Finishing with a combination track with Capital D “Stay From Them” another sing along anthem track, this completes the album in fine style. Menny More and Capital D sound great together, Menny and Capital’s unique vocals create a depth and power, warning to stay away from those that cause problem. Again this track makes I feel as if I have gone back in time and listening to dancehall in the 90’s, great works.

Summarising this new album I feel its a good balanced combination of Roots, Lovers and Dancehall, but not the modern computer generated Dancehall that seems to be flooding the market at the moment. This is real roots, real lovers and real Dancehall, how it should be. A great reggae experience for all, clean lyrics, good production and featuring many sing along tracks. Reviewed by Gav Pauze (30th April 2017).

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Menny More On Air Live Album Review
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