Mark Wonder Dragon Slayer Press Release

Mark Wonder – Dragon Slayer – Press Release

Mark Wonder Dragon Slayer Press Release.

Mark Wonder has been a stable feature here on since 2008 and continues to give us many big tunes and solid albums. I have no doubt that Mark Wonder Dragon Slayer will live up to the high standards of roots we have become accompanied too from this veteran.

A committed Rastafarian, Mark Wonder, born Mark Andrew Thompson in the capital city of Kingston, Jamaica stands out with his poignant message and powerful delivery. From the first note, his unique vocal timbre is at once identifiable and compelling to any ear.

Out of a stable of contemporaries, Mark has risen to establish himself as a pillar in the roots and culture arena. Commonly known as the “Dragon Slayer” his influences include American R&B icons of the 60’s and 70’s. His vocal styling and spot on intonation is reminiscent of artists such as Curtis Mayfield, Sam Cooke, Otis Redding and Marvin Gaye. Drawing from the greats of Jamaican roots Artists such as Burning Spear, Bob Andy and Dennis Brown, he is committed to the tradition of marrying his militant message with melody in a captivating style.

As a youth, he constantly raised his voice in song and began performing with smaller sound sets in his neighbouring community. He was identified early and spent a short spell with Black Stars before moving on to Black Scorpio who released his first single called “Caution”. Thus began his prolific recording career in which he has consistently delivered powerful and compelling bodies of work.

Over time, Mark has recorded a plethora of roots and praise songs, many of which have been recognised and lauded by both the Jamaican and international press. His vocal timbre is distinct and identifiable as it soars through the air with the power of a trumpet. Without question, his stage performances are electrifying as he delivers his conscious message of love and liberation. He has toured in Europe (France, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, German, Sweden and more) and made appearances at a limited number of US reggae festivals including the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival and the North West World Reggae Festival.

His discography includes 7 full-length recordings along with many singles along the way. He has recorded with labels such as AL.TA.FA.AN Records, Addis Records, Oneness Records, Bobby Digital and Irie Ites Records. His music is distributed both traditionally and digitally on iTunes and Amazon. He continues to stay contemporary by recording singles on the latest rhythms emerging from Jamaica.

Well respected by his peers, he has collaborated with many artist including Sizzla, Gentleman, Luciano, Capleton and Bob Andy to name a few. His single “Don’t Worry” with Sizzla and Gentleman has been viewed over 5 million times on Youtube alone.

Mark Wonder Dragon Slayer Press Release

Today, it’s with the French label Irie Ites Records that he decided to release his 9th album called “Dragon Slayer”. This 12-track opus is one of his most successful projects. Recorded on instrumental versions composed by the greatest musicians: Roots Radics, Mafia & Fluxy, This project reflects all the artistic qualities of this artist: powerful and conscious messages mixed with soul and roots melodies at the same time. A project to discover urgently for all Roots & Culture fans!!

Set for release on the 16th of June 2017 and available on both CD and digital platforms, we know that Mark Wonder, Dragon Slayer will be well received.

Mark Wonder Dragon Slayer Press Release
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