The Lambsbread – Stand Firm – Press Release

“all peace loving people should cooperate to stand firm, in order to preserve and promote lawfulness and peace” H.I.M. Haile Selassie I, Dec. 25, 1937

Reggae has always had a message, and ever since Bob Marley introduced reggae music to the world, unity & love are the foundation that the music is built on. The new single from the Lambsbread “Stand Firm” is built on the solid foundation of this “Love & Unity” vibes. Featuring their long time friend and mentor Prezident Brown, the tune has a magic energy highlighted by an amazing rhythm section, blazing horns, and red hot bass & drums.

Mixed and mastered in one of the finest studios on Maui, the project first came together when both the Lambsbread and Prezident Brown were invited to perform a concert together on the island. Already known for their 2006 hit together “Mountain Top”, FNG Associates saw the opportunity to release a brand new single. Rumble Rock Recordz producer Jimmy Cui, flew in from Oahu and the team went to work on the project. First was finding the proper studio. Grace Recording Studio was selected for the top quality sound, and also their ecologically sound 100% solar powered studio. Next, Lambsbread and the Prezident sat down to pen the tune. “We wanted to do a tune for the whole earth, a tune that could make the people feel we are really one…no matter race, country, or class” said Kaya of the Lambsbread, and that is the message contained throughout the song.

Once the tracks were being recorded it was easy to see a hit in the making. When it was time to mix, all the tracks were mixed on an analog board to get that original thick reggae sound. Mastered by one of the top mastering engineers in the music industry, the finished track is an anthem for unity as well as equal rights and justice.

“Stand Firm” is a universal reggae song for all people, all generations! Set to be released September 16, “Stand Firm” will be available through all major digital outlets (itunes,amazon,etc…). There is also an HD video in production and will be releasing sometime next month.

Stay Tuned & “Stand Firm”

Aloha & Mahalo,

FNG Associates, Rumble Rock Recordz, The Lambsbread.

DJ Pauze aka Gav Pauze says….
The Lambsbread’s unique sound mixed with Prezident Brown’s individuality make for a solid combination with “Stand Firm“. This song is musically on point with it’s mellow flowing riddim which has a smooth like butter edge blended perfectly just under the sound of the vocals. The lyrical content is real, positive and well structured as always from both artists and after listening once the hook lines are firmly planted in our minds making us unite in singing this driving, powerful and thought provoking song.

MP3 Download: Stand Firm (feat. Prezident Brown) – Single

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