Honey Brandy

Reggae Music at its Finest! Often told his melodious voice reminds one of the great Dennis Brown, Honey Brandy, born George W. Swaby, hails from St. Catherine and seems to have been born with reggae in his blood.

He has had a love for vocalism since the early days when he would tap the benches at school in Jamaica and ‘bus a tune’. Since migrating to Connecticut, he has been doing what he loves, recording an album while performing with his band on stages in the New England area. His influences include Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Dennis Brown, Marvin Gaye, Ray Charles and Jimmy Cliff.

His music is now an eclectic mix of conscious and danceable reggae, rock, jazz and blues. He embraces Rastafarianism as a positive feeling of ‘one love’ and can often be heard telling people of all races and creeds “Ras Tafari runs no wire fences, no boundaries. All are welcome to identify for themselves the true meaning of a positive mind and a divine spirit.”

A true humanitarian, he has donated to organisations such as Feed the Children and Breast Cancer Research at Saint Francis Hospital. Honey Brandy is ready to take the world on his musical journey and sure hopes you join him! “Music is a universal language which will always carry the message, even if the messenger is gotten rid of”

Honey Brandy says, Music is a universal language that speaks to every one. Any one can be moved and or inspired by rasta music. Lets make a joyful sound onto Jah one divine love, no wirefence no boundary. All are welcome in my father’s house; “there are many mansions”. The love I have for music way surpasses the politics and materialistic aspects of the business.

My divine inspiration is way more powerful than any obstacle that tries to corrupt my path. Where ever I stand shall be firm ground, no doubt Jah’s always there. If we all work together we all can benefit, selfishness is an idol of corrupt societies. Think about it, it can’t be too good if it’s the truth. Lets help each other help reggae music get the respect it deserves. To every one that can relate with an open mind, live and let live, Rastafari.

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