Hi Kee

Hi Kee born Martin Morris in the parish of Manchester in Jamaica, raised by his parents in the small district of Pepper in St Elizabeth. He has grown with a love for music and has nurtured that love and talent to what he has become today.

At age 16 he met his best friend Bently Mattis aka Skylan who taught him to DJ and compose songs and also took him to studio (Stienamz recording studio)for the first time where he recorded his first song “Pretty like gold” as a demo track.

The engineer and owner Wilstien Murry “aka” stingray liked his sharp powerful voice and decided to have him as one of his recording artist then further taught him more about voice control and various types of riddims. A quick learner he is, as music has already been a part of his younger days singing with his mom, brothers and sisters at church and even at school on choirs and with his friends.

As a result of the response and comments he got from his friends and whoever heard him sing or DJ Hi Kee realised that music is something that he should take seriously as he gradually realised that this is a talent and he is very good at it, he started going to stage shows listening to artist like Louie Culture, Jah Mason, Brigadier Jerry whom he regards as the godfather of the dancehall and many more conscious artists as his heart was for real roots music.

Hi Kee has done many recordings over the years and is now looking forward to putting his first album together, Hi Kee is now in Italy doing promotions and furthering his musical career, he is now working with Ficusazzah band comprising of bass player: Ficupala from Sud sound system, drummer: Jah Sazzah from Aretuska band, keyboard: Maestro from Sud sound system, on guitars: Henry & Ciack, together they have made a powerful band and is now looking forward to rock the world with clean conscious roots music to heal the world with love and righteousness. Hi Kee see’s music as the only positive solution to heal the world with love and peace without fighting a war.

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