Gounz Man

Born Carlton Plenty Jr. Gounz Man hails from South Trinidad. Gounz Man is inspired by artists such as Jah Cure, Everton Blender and Sizzla Kalonji. At a first listen to Gounz Man his voice and style resembles that of his idol Sizzla, but as you listen further he distinguishes himself with his own style and form of singing and chanting. Describing his music as inspirational, he sings of poverty, current issues and love.

Gounz Man started his musical career in 1997 at the age of fifteen. In addition to being a reggae singer, Carlie, as he is affectionately called by friends is also a song writer who is currently learning to play the guitar. “I got a lot of discouragement from some people; as well as a lot of encouragement from people and one of those people is my Queen (mother) Jemma Christopher”, but Gounz Man did not let the former deter him from making his dream of becoming a reggae artist a reality.

Some his other singles include ‘Oh Lady’, ‘Thou Shalt Not’ and ‘Lose My Breath’ and he has collaborated with artistes like Dawg E Slaughter, Justice and Lightening. Successful Trinidadian reggae artist,

He got his name from his love of well known Jamaican Dancehall artist Junior Gong’s music and his belief that he would one day be singing his own songs, his friends christened him Gounz Man. He subsequently researched that name in the Bobo Shanti, Rastafarian religion and saw that it means “to adapt to any climate”. This is certainly evident in his singing ability as he chants love lyrics to his ‘black woman’ in his single ‘My Baby’, yet he hurls ‘fire and flame’ at evil doers in that same track.

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