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Glen Washington

Glen Washington Biography:

Glen Washington evolved from humble beginnings. Born in the parish of Clarendon, Jamaica he is currently one of the most in-demand artists in reggae music; this has come after many years of recording and waiting in the wings. In 1997, he released his debut album “Brother To Brother.”

He began his musical career in the early seventies as the lead singer for the group “Names And Faces.” He later became the lead singer in a band called “35 Incorporated” and learned to play the drums under the guidance of, then drummer, Joseph Hill. When Hill left the band, Washington filled the slot and became a singing drummer. Washington made his first hit record “Rockers Not Crackers” in 1978 for the Joe Gibbs Record label; but he did not grace the charts again until the release of the hit “Kindness For Weakness” in 1998.

Most music industry insiders would say that after 20 years in the business, it’s unlikely that an artist would release his biggest hit, but it has been proven again and again how speculative this business is.

Over the years, Glen Washington has recorded sporadically as a solo singer and extensively as a studio drummer and, has laid tracks for various artists. Simultaneously, Washington was a full-time drummer (sometimes singer) in several different bands, such as: The Avengers, The Titans, and Happiness Unlimited. With Happiness Unlimited he migrated to the USA to work with Stevie Wonder. The other Bands he played with are Calabash and Bands that backed Artists such as Leroy Sibbles, Shinehead, Junior Reid, Gregory Isaacs, Sister Carol and the Meditations.

What is Glen Washington doing now?

In the early 2020s, Washington embarked on a series of international tours, captivating audiences in major cities across Europe, Asia, and the Americas. His live performances have become legendary, drawing fans from diverse backgrounds who appreciate the authenticity and depth of his music.

Throughout the years, Washington has remained at the forefront of reggae’s evolution. In 2022, he collaborated with emerging reggae producers and artists, blending his classic sound with modern influences. The result was a fusion of traditional reggae vibes with contemporary elements, showcasing Washington’s adaptability and relevance in the ever-changing music industry.

The year 2023 saw the release of Washington’s highly anticipated album, “Eternal Vibes.” The album featured a mix of love ballads, socially conscious anthems, and reflections on spirituality. One standout track, “Journey to Zion,” became an anthem for those seeking spiritual enlightenment and unity. The album received critical acclaim and further solidified Washington’s status as a reggae icon.

In addition to his musical pursuits, Glen Washington has continued to be an advocate for social justice and humanitarian causes. He lent his voice to campaigns addressing issues such as poverty, inequality, and environmental conservation. Washington’s commitment to using his platform for positive change has endeared him to fans who admire not only his musical talent but also his dedication to making a difference in the world.

As of 2024, Glen Washington remains an influential figure in the reggae genre, with a discography that spans generations. His contributions to reggae music have earned him prestigious awards and accolades, including a Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Reggae and World Music Awards.

Beyond the stage and studio, Washington has also explored other artistic endeavours. He delved into visual arts, showcasing his talent in painting and photography. His artwork has been featured in galleries, providing fans with a glimpse into the multifaceted creativity that defines Glen Washington.

In this latest chapter of his career, Glen Washington continues to inspire and uplift through his music and advocacy. His legacy as a reggae luminary remains strong, and his influence on the genre’s future is indelible. As fans eagerly anticipate what the future holds, one thing is certain: Glen Washington’s journey in the world of reggae is far from over.

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