Gardah Knight

Christopher Joseph aka Gardah Knight, defender of truths and rights. Born big yard Caranage, Grew up in Tobago Delaford. Now living in Speyside.

Music is a thing that was always in me from since the day mi come outta mama belly, in other words I’m simply saying I got it from her, because she was the singer in the family, then up came or I should say out came me.

Before I was Gardah Knight my name use to be Wimpy Dan, but then in years of struggling in the music industry as Wimpy Dan things was not that nice of a name, but with the help of the almighty Jah who created all things, he blessed me and finally opened up my eyes to the things that I have to do on earth, and thats where I became Gardah Knight defender of truths and rights.

My mission has not yet been accomplished but I am getting there with the help of the almighty father, family, friends, fans and last but not least Blackberry Music who supplied the music and production to my lyrics and hard work in becoming who I am today, many may ask who I am? My reply to that question will be:

“I am just a messenger in the music putting my message across to the world”

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