Dub Judah

Dub Judah was born in South London and grew up in East London, UK, born in 1960.

Dub Judah is a very well respected vocalist, musician, live performer and producer who has released his own top roots music on his Dub Jockey label. He also works producing singing and playing with other established artists such as Norman Grant of the Twinkle Brothers with whom he sometimes tours on a worldwide scale. He does occasionally perform live shows with his own band and is continually working in his own studio and different studios, where he is in great demand as a producer.

Almighty Jah, Alpha and Omega’s fifth album, features Dub Judah’s distinctive vocals on rhythms from A&O’s previous LP Watch And Pray. This unique combination produces great tracks such as Rasta is Merciful, Almighty Jah and Honest Opinion.

First instrument – Piano 1968
First Band – Ephes Dammin 1977
First Paid session – Luarel Aitkin @ Goose Berry studio London on drums 1980
First tv appearance – Jah foundation 1986
First foreign Tour – Jah Foundation 1983 Paris
First Regular Band Musawa and the bushmasters African Ju Ju / high-life on drums
First acetate – cut For Jah Almighty Sound in 1975 on melodica overdubbed in tin pan alley studio.
First rave – V Rocket sound (London) 1972
First Song Written – 1974

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