Dada Yute – Zion Bird – Review

Reggae is truly universal and it’s always exciting when new artists arise. Which leads me to introducing you to this great, uprising artist from Brazil.

‘Dada Yute’ is an artist that started music aged 17 in one of Brazils top groups ‘Lions Of Israel’ They toured most of Brazil and even Jamaica, appearing on ‘Rebel Salute’. Now he has embarked on a solo career, and to kick it of he brings you this new EP.

‘Zion Bird’ is a 5 track EP of high quality music, vocal and production. Kicking off is the track ‘Ganja Lips Woman’ in which he’s laying it down straight that he want a herbs empress, next up is ‘Filho De Jah’ translated means Son Of Jah, featuring ‘King Stur Garv’ artist ‘Michael Irie’.

Track three is the uplifting vibes of ‘Kingdom Come’ shared with possibly the biggest artist to come out of the Virgin Islands ‘Midnite’s ’Vaughn Benjamin’.

Track four is my favourite song on the EP ‘Give Thanks’ featuring the great sounds of ‘Derajah’ and to round it off we have ‘Love Till The End’ produced by and featuring ‘Unidade76’ who also played the same riddim track for ‘Mark Wonder’s’ big hit tune ’Just As B4’.

All round it’s a great selection of songs, well needed in any roots reggae collector’s vaults. And I’m welcoming any album from Dada Yute in the near future, upfull works.

MP3 Download: Zion Bird – EP – Dada Yute

Written by Ras Nik

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