Cornadoor is a young and talented Reggae artist from Bielefeld, Germany.

“Reggae has always been around me!”

Due to his fathers large and well sorted record collection, Cornadoor was infected by the reggae virus in his early childhood. Lots of long journeys to Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago, first with his family and later on his own, manifested his interest for the music. During his stays, he obtained a deep view into Caribbean culture and the daily hard life on the so called paradise islands, which is characterised by extreme contrasts. All his impressions and the experiences he made are his source of inspiration for his songs and music until today.

When his first single “Long Road” hit the clubs in 2008, everyone who was still awake at 3am pricked up their ears! One voice had taken over – Reggae had a new name: Cornadoor.

The readers of Riddim Magazine quickly voted him their Best National Newcomer in 2008 and again in 2009. “All Cornadoor needs now is a nice Roots album and next time he’ll be mixing it with the big boys” (Riddim 02/2010)

Growing up in Bielefeld, north-west Germany, Cornadoor was introduced to reggae by his father’s record collection. His Dad also took him to concerts and big festivals when he was still only a child. As a young man, he went to the Caribbean several times, getting to love the caribbean lifestyle and the local patois. When he got back home, Cornadoor joined some local sound-systems and bands, before recording a couple of demo tracks which left a lasting impression on his current label, Sound Quake. This partnership has being going well since 2008 and, according to the “” German Reggae Charts, Cornadoor was the most successful German Reggae artist in 2009 with his first 3 singles.

Without Restriction, is a classic roots-reggae album first and foremost. In his songs, Cornadoor gives us his personal take on the world and his first studio album, without Restrictions has laid the musical foundations for an outstanding future. Thematically, the album deals with typical social ills, as well as love, faith and all the other things that make life interesting. And since all the song texts and many of the musical ideas come from Cornadoor himself, the album flows from start to finish, harmonious and homogenous.

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