Black Uhuru Live At Sankofa Cafe 2015

When I hear Black Uhuru live, I instantly think “Legends, pioneers, roots!” How could you not!? This grammy award winning group has been active since the 1970’s and has since had great success.

Opening up the night at Sankofa Cafe was Elisha Israel & The Az-One Band, an eclectic Kansas City based Reggae band going strong since the 90’s. They’ve opened up for people like Beenie Man right through to Jimmy Cliff and most definitely lots more, so you can only imagine the sound they bring!

As Black Uhuru was called to the stage, out walked founder and leader Derrick “Duckie” Simpson, Andrew “Bees” Beckford and female vocalist Jojo Mac. Now if you’ve followed Black Uhuru throughout the years you’d know that this isn’t the original group line up. Black Uhuru has gone through immense changes since their start when it comes to their members and musicians, but nonetheless Duckie Simpson has seemed to remain constant and keep the group alive. Now although Duckie might be the leader of the group, we were blessed to hear the lead vocals that night of Andrew Bees as well who has been a member since the late 90s.

They brought to us many of their classics such as “Guess Who’s coming to Dinner,” “Sponji Reggae” and more. As the night went on the vibes were uplifting and energy was flowing really taking you back to the roots and Black Uhuru’s sound is exactly that, real bass-line roots, reggae and dub. As the times change many musicians change their style as well, but Black Uhuru hasn’t done that and has still remained one of most well known reggae groups for decades. I give thanks for the opportunity to witness and capture these legends. More love and prosperity, Bless!

Black Uhuru LiveReview and photo done by Chantal Adjoaví

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